Thursday, August 07, 2008

Space Bags

Traveling today has become more challenging than it ever was, specially if we wish to carry more things in baggage than allowed. The extravagant charges on extra baggage are growing by the minute because of the higher gas prices and whatnot. So here's little tip to make the whole experience a little more pleasant and bring a smile on your face. Finally you can buy a few t-shirts that say "someone who loves me went to timbaktu and got me this t-shirt" for your loved ones instead of those silly looking key chains for souvenirs.

Use the space bag! No, they're not only used when you travel into space, but they also save a lot of space in your baggage.

Here's how they work:

  • Put all the clothing items in the bag.

  • Firmly close the zipper bag shut.

  • Use a small hand-vacuum to suck out the excess air from the valve on one side of the bag.

  • Close the valve cap to secure the bag from getting more air inside.

  • Ta-da! your space bag is ready for travel.

Personal experience tells me these are the best things that I ever traveled with. One thing to be careful, don't put food/perishable/liquid items in the bags and stay away from putting any sharp objects in the bags.

The only drawback of using these bags is that you'll need an access to a portable vacuum cleaner to suck out the air.

You can buy these at stores like Target, Walmart, etc.

Happy traveling!


aneri_masi said...

Doesn't this completely crumple your clothes??

Kanan said...

K, not a bit. You just got to make sure you place the clothes in the bag nicely folded. Plus, for traveling you don't keep them in there for more than 24-30 hours so they stay pretty alright. Some of my clothes were sitting in these bags for almost a week and they stayed just fine. Of course I took them out as soon as I got home. The bags work like a charm.