Tuesday, February 23, 2010

70s Week: Kishoreda gets sentimental...

I know that it isn't worth getting sad in life, for anything but once in a while this mood takes over and what works the best is songs like these. Just philosophical songs that make you think... and well, appreciate... life, or get over that feeling. Because after all it's life and it brings all kinds of experiences and feelings.

Here's to the 70s!

  • aadmi jo kehta hai aadmi jo sunta hai (Majhboor)
    This one seems like it's funny but it's actually very philosophical... AB tells so much about life in general.

  • kaise kahe hum pyaar ne hum ko kya kya khel dikhaaye... (Sharmilee)
    Sometimes, some experiences of life teach you more than what you wanted to learn from them. This one is about that. Often it's not what goes around comes around in life.

  • zindagi ka safar... hai yeh kaisa safar... (Safar)
    When you realize just how mysterious life can become... no words help. It leaves you stumped!

  • chingaari koyi bhadke to saawan use bujhaaye... (Amar Prem)
    Generalizations are wrong and so are expectations.

  • duniya oh duniya tera jawaab nahin (Naya Zamaana)
    Very few people can actually tell the world what's wrong with it. Is it worth it?

  • khiza ke phool pe... mere naseeb mein aye dost (Do Raaste)
    There are times when you realize that it's not upto you to change something, even in your own life... that's because it's destiny.

  • koyi hota jis ko apna hum apna keh lete yaaron (Mere Apna)
    Feeling lonely is the worst feeling in the world. Don't ever feel so, it's not worth it. Sometimes, all it takes is to reach out.

  • samjhauta ghamon se kar lo (Samjhauta)
    Get used to it, it's life. This too shall pass. That's the message conveyed here.

  • ek ritu aaye ek ritu jaaye (Gautam Govinda)
    Appreciate what you have in the journey of life. This one is quite philosophical and has so many levels to it, if only you observe.

  • kahaan tak yeh man ko andhere chalenge (Baaton Baaton Mein)
    At times like these, remember, that it's a phase and it will be over soon.

  • ghoonghroo ki taraah bajta hi rahaa hoon main (Chor Machaaye Shor)
    Eye-opener! Some events in life are so... same with this one.

  • kis ka rastaa dekhe aye dil aye saudaayi (Joshila)
    Another jail song like previous one. Makes me think may be it's the solitude that makes us look within and see beyond the obvious...

  • mera jeevan kora kaagaz kora hi reh gayaa (Kora Kaagaz)
    It's when you feel so lost, even Garmin can't help. :P :) I find this one very sad.

  • panthi hoon main us path ka (Door Ka Raahi)
    The best one in this collection! That's all I got to say. If you've never listened to it, then please do. It's written, sung and composed by Kishoreda himself.

  • zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hai jo makaam woh phir nahin aate (Aap Ki Kasam)
    *thud* you hit your forehead but it's too late. Some experiences in life are like that. No undo button, sorry.

  • dekha hai zindagi ko kuchh itna kareeb se (Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka)
    You trusted them and this is what they gave you. If you dream too much with open eyes, this is what happens.

  • dil aisa kisi ne mera toda (Amaanush)
    Don't let the bad experiences let you become a bad person. Be better than who you were before.

  • badi sooni sooni hai zindagi yeh zindagi (Mili)
    It's only if you let yourself feel lonely, you truly do. Get in touch with yourself then.

  • yeh jeevan hai is jeevan ka yehi hai rang roop (Piya Ka Ghar)
    At the end, it's alright 'cause it's life. And life is like that only.

  • musaafir hoon yaaron na ghar hai na thikaana (Parichay)
    On the path of life, gotta keep walking... if find a road closure, find a detour.

I hope this wasn't too much for you. :)


Anonymous said...

LOVED it! The 70s belong to Kishore, imo. Rafi and Mukesh were still doing stellar work of course but it's Kishore's voice that embodies the spirit of that decade.

Pitu said...

Awesome selection Kanan!! I LOVE Badi Sooni Sooni Hai! Nobody can bring a tear to your eye like Kishoreda can... And Chingaari Koi Bhadke.. what lyrics.. Lajawab!

Kanan said...

Amrita, thanks! :D I completely one hundred percent agree, it was Kishoreda's decade. I heard from my dad how each and every radio station or restaurant or stall that played music payed his songs.. they were everywhere. And I can see why.

Pitu, thank ya! :) I feel like that for so many of these songs... *sigh* music is amazing and specially when coupled with such awesome voice.. it's like sone pe suhaga...