Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uttarayan 2010

Der se aaye durust aaye... that's how the Uttarayan was this year because of the heavy rains and what not, but it was completely worth the wait. It was my first time attending the kite flying festival coordinated by GCA. Here's a glimpse of it in photos. It was everything that you can imagine about Uttarayan and more... :D

Peacock kites & Firki

Firki & Patang

Flying the valentine kite (:

My string & kite... :)

Neighbor's kite

Cloudy skies & kites

Sitting on the lawn watching kites...


Tiranga kite

Valentine kite

Click here for more Uttarayan photos.


chinmai said...

hi.. i never knew there was so much of kite flying in the US ...gr8..

Kanan said...

Chinmai, neither did I until this year. It's been going on since a few years and I am really happy I found out. It was just amazing to be part of the festivities... :)