Monday, February 08, 2010

Those people

What makes them so?
They don’t just come and go
There are there forever
Mean to the core is who.

In life, they often got burned
Why? Because they truly earned
But now they think it’s unfair
Too bad for us, they never learned.

They go around treating all bad
As if it were a birth-right, they had
You are wise and are able to see through
If only they knew, you don’t get mad.

It would make them angry, red-hot!
If they only found out it bugs you, not
They can’t see beyond their own grief
Hey! One-sided battles are never fought.

I say go ahead and continue to be cruel
Your attitude is what has become your fuel
It will never make you rise above
Because you don’t deserve so, you rare jewel!

In your world, ignorance is bliss
It sucks, because you can’t read this
People would tell you, if you were worthy
What you are doing is pure self-injustice.

February 8, 2010


Growls-n-Yawns said...

Wonderful creation!

Kanan said...

G-n-Y, thank you for the encouragement and thanks for stopping by.