Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Azaadi ki Aor (Towards Freedom)

In the late 1980s, it was a usual Saturday evening. Back then, on DoorDarshan, they used to show a Hindi movie every Saturday at 5:30 in the evening. We had looked in the morning newspaper to see whether the movie that evening would be any interesting. To our disappointment, we saw that instead of a familiar sounding film name or any familiar actors’ names the movie had a strange name with no names of actors. Moreover, it seemed like it was going to be a (boring, I can’t believe at that age a film on freedom fighters sounded boring to me) film on freedom regardless of the fact it was not the time around 15th of August (Indian Independence Day) or 26th January (Republic Day). And when the names of the actors also weren’t listed, the family figured it wouldn’t be worth watching the movie that evening. Our lady maid, who also happened to be a BIG movie buff, usually joined us for movies every week. She also left early that evening thinking it wasn’t worth staying back to watch such boring movie.

Finally, when the movie was starting, we decided to watch the beginning of the movie just to see whether it was going to be related to freedom fighters. To our utter surprise, we saw it started out with the life of a madaari/conjurer, who owned two monkeys named Shankar & Gauri, and made these animals do different kinds of tricks for his living. Most of us were not interested in continuing watching the film but all of a sudden we realized, the animals in this film had human voices. They spoke and shared their feelings with the audience like us humans. Often when the madaari treated the animals very rudely, and in despicable manner, not feeding them when they had worked very hard and practically treating them like vermin, the monkeys talked and shared their dislike towards their owner. The movie was getting more and more interesting now and as the audience we were becoming more curious to find out what the rest of the story was going to be like. Eventually in the film, the pair decides to give up on their master and breaks free from his slavery. That’s when we realized, the main actor and actress of this movie were not humans, but two monkeys, who talked and shared feelings in even better way than what the humans can do.

The entire movie was a journey of their freedom, freedom from human kind and their mean behavior. On their struggle-filled journey, they end up helping out and freeing many other animals who were in same situation as theirs (dependent on and slave to humans) including a snake, an elephant and many others. With snake, it's an amazing incident, because one instance the monkeys help snake become free from his master and later in the forest when one of the monkeys is drowning in puddle of mud, the snake they had saved earlier unites his community members and saves the monkey. At once instance, our main hero and heroine get separated from each other and go through very painful time that even the audience can feel and relate to. And then at another instance, they even stop themselves from being hurtful towards other humans, and help them because they realized it wouldn't be worth seeing anyone suffer or to be revengeful. There were so many instances during the movie where I remember literally bursting into tears just looking at helpless animals were going through just for their survival. At the end of the film, as I vaguely remember now, one monkey, throwing away the clothes their human master had provided to them, says “inn kapdo mein insaan ki boo aa rahi hai”. I admire the dialog writer who wrote the dialogs for this film.

The film showed a sarcastic view of the inconsiderate behavior of human kind for treating animals badly. The film gave me totally different perspective about animals after I watched it. And, I am so happy today to find out that this film had won the National Film Award (Golden Lotus Award) for Best Children's Film award in 1986. I really wish I get to see this marvelous film again one day!

Film Name: Aazadi ki Ore aka Azaadi ki Aor aka Azadi ki Aur
Cast: Shankar (Monkey - male), Gauri (Monkey - female), Gabbar Singh, Sundari (Elephant), Ganesh, Nagaraja
Producer: Sangeethalaya
Director: P. S. Prakash
Music Director: Ramesh Naidu
Release Date: Friday, September 26, 1986

Updated on 2010-06-04:
Mr. Krishnaprasad Ekbote shares with us the posters of Malayalam movie 'Kadinte Makkal' (1986) by P.S. Prakash.


Harsh & Raw said...

Checked out your blog for the first time today and found it very interesting. Couldn't help but comment: doesn't this movie sound inspired by Orwell's Animal Farm?

Kanan said...

Thanks, H&R! :)

I haven't watched Orwell's Animal Farm so not sure how similar to two are. Is that an animated film? But if one hasn't watched Azaadi ki aor, then they've missed out on a quality Hindi film.

Do you have a blog of yours? If yes, please do share. :)

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

Thanks for bringing back some pleasant memories from the good old days! It appears that there is not much info available on this children's movie. Any idea where we can get this movie?

patel said...

The story of the movie still haunt in my can i get this movie? please reply

Gaurav Jain said...

I had watched Azaadi Ki Or back in 1987 when in class 3 when our class was taken out to the theater to watch it. I had loved it thoroughly and have remembered this movie ever since. Please, please if somebody knows how I can get this movie let me know.

Thanks for posting such a nostalgic post on your wonderful blog.


Kanan said...

Krishnaprasad, no idea, sir as to where to buy the film. I am planning to contact Door Darshan to see whether they can help find the film from somewhere. If I do find info, I will share it on here. Thank you for your comment.

Patel, thank you for dropping by. As of now, no idea about how to acquire the movie. Watch this place for an update.

Gaurav, thank you. :) that is indeed a good memory. Mine's also very vivid. I remember it as if it was yesterday even though it's been almost two decades now. Like they say, things we observe as a child remain with us forever.

Ramashray said...

Yes, even i had seen this movie and surprisingly if i were to write a blog on it today - it would be same as yours. Thanks for this blog dude.

Kanan said...

You're welcome, Ramashray. :)

Vinod said...

Thanks for bringing back sweet memories. I remember this movie very well and have been trying to find a place to purchase a copy. The scene I remember the most was where Shankar is drunk and has given up hopes on Gauri who is with Gabbar. She says "mein Shankar ki hoon aur Shankar ki hi rahungi" that was class!!! If any reader has been able to track a copy of the movie for download or sale, could you please post a comment on this blog?

Kanan said...

Vinod, hi! welcome to my blog. I have been searching for it for months now. If I find out where to get it, I will surely share it with you. Hopefully, I am close to achieving that goal. Thank you for reminding that dialog. It makes me feel all nostalgic and sad, in a good way. Thank you for your comment.

patel said...

anybody find the movie please inform in this blog

Pramod said...

Guys..thanks to the internet, I had forgotten the name of the movie but the story was still fresh in my mind.your blog reminded me of my beautiful childhood. I wish I could find this movie and with this I go back to my childhood again.
I will let you all know if I find the movie.

Kanan said...

Patel, will do, thanks.

Pramod, welcome & thank you. I am happy to find more fans of this movie. Hopefully the producer will soon realize and reply back to my email about how I can get hold of the movie.

आशीष भंडारी said...

मुझे यह फ़िल्म अभी तक याद है | में आपने बच्चोँ को दिखाना चाहता हूँ |
अमैरिका में तो अभी तक मिल नहीं पाई है |

Anonymous said...

Its really good movie. I also want to go back to my childhood days if i get this movie.

Nitin said...

Kanaan - Saw this movie when I was a kid (almost ~20 yrs ago). It was so engaging. I loved it.
Sincerely thank you for posting about it. It was so difficult to find information on this movie. BTW please let us know in case you are able to find out if we can view this movie now.


Anonymous said...

I need this film. I've been waiting to give my girl friend this movie since the time she mentioned about this to me. I contacted Door Darshan , Films Division but there wasnt any luck. Please let me know if you get some info on this !

Genny said...

I truly am a fan of this movie - i still remember Shankar and Gauri and would love to have a copy of the movie too..maybe if we all send a request of how many copies we require...someone might try to find it for us....

Kanan said...

आशीष, वाकइ... अभी तो मै येह फिल्म की तलाश भारत में ही कर रही हूं| अगर कोइ जांच मीली तो आप को अवश्य बताउंगी| शुक्रिया|

Anon, you're right. It is indeed a really good movie, and a very well made at that.

Nitin, thank you. I am very happy to know this film has such a high number of fans. I have contacted the producer a few months back but haven't heard from him. May be it's about time I contacted him again.

Anon, Hi! yes, I managed to contact all of those folks and they were very nice to help me connect with other folks who could help. Now I'm waiting to hear back from the producer of the film. Hopefully, we all can get copies of this film some day. My fingers are crossed.

Genny, thank you! I really do hope, wish and pray that we all get hold of this movie, soon.

raviraj said...

Curious to watch that movie...Let me know if any one having it. By the way..was there any song in it?

PRADAWAN said...

GUYS...I have been thinking about this movie for a while(years now)all i can think of is gauri and shankar,countless tries on torrent searches ending here..amazing how a few people form the same generation cherished and wanting to watch this movie..not a multi million dollar movie but it just left an impression in our hearts..Please if anybody finds a copy let us know..
Thankyou fellas keep up the search.

Kanan said...

raviraj, thank you for stopping by. I'd also love to watch this movie. I don't quite remember whether there was any song in the film. But I want to say there was.

PRADAWAN, thanks for your comment. I'm searching for the correct email address of Central Board for this. Hoping my efforts are fruitful. It's been two years now since I have been emailing the film folks. Lets see what our luck brings us.

romeo said...

sir i am 24 but i heard about this movie from my parents many times. i have searched everywhere but found nothing.please tell me where can i find this.

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

Okay, friends. Here's a mini update. Because of the South Indian appearance of the actors in the movie, I'd always wondered if this was really a Hindi movie at all. Well, after a little investigation, I found out that 'Aazadi ki Ore' is in fact the dubbed version of a Malayalam movie 'Kadinte Makkal' (1986) by P.S. Prakash. Here are two pictures, which will confirm this: and This movie somehow doesn't seem to be very popular and so, needless to say, I could not find any direct download link to this movie or torrent, nor could I find any online shopping site where VCD or DVD of this movie is available. Seems to be a forgotten movie, sadly. Since our childhood memories are attached with this movie, I'd thought that if not Hindi let me at least watch the Malayalam version along with subtitles, if any. But, tough luck! :(

If any fortune hunter manages to get this Malayalam movie (with subtitles), please do upload on the net and provide the links or at least inform as to where it could be found. We would be really, really grateful. The hunt is on...

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

For those interested, some other movies, which we've watched on Doordarshan as kids, are available for sale here:

Of all the movies listed, I have faint memories only of Kaya Palat and Kuk Doo Koo, however.

Kanan said...

Romeo, indeed you've heard it right. It is one of the best movies ever made. Will share with you in case I find any info. Thanks.

Kanan said...

Krishnaprasad, thank you so much for such extensive research and sharing the results.

I really appreciate you sharing the posters of the films. They are precious and bring back fond memories. Unfortunately, I can not read the writing as I don't know the language, but this message or yours tells me we are very close to achieving our goals.

Let me share my timelines and research with you. I was hoping to share this later when I could actually get hold of the producer's contact information but I guess we may never know the end of this search.

May 2008 - I send 3 emails to three different people at Door Darshan for this film.
August 2008 - No response from two of those people, third person responds saying that "said film was produced by National Film Development corp.(NFDC) and can be bought from them".
August 2008 - I contact NDFC chairman requesting the info.
September 2008 - NDFC general manager responds back to my query saying "this film does not belong to NFDC and Corporation does not have any rights of this film. We understand that this film has been produced by a South Indian Producer. It is better that you may kindly contact the offices of the Central Board of Film Certification, having their regional offices at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad etc, who will be able to provide you the address of the producer from whom you can get the correct information about the availability of VCD/DVD of this film. The addresses of Regional offices are available on CBFC Website:"
September 2008 - I sent emails to CBFC's rediffmail address and tried to search for their alternate contact information but haven't been able to get hold of them successfully.
January 2010 - I attempted to contact CBFC again, but no luck. Their emails don't bounce back so it is a valid email ID. I'm waiting for the day I see an email from them telling me where I can send the money so they can send me a DVD of this film. :)

As you can see, the CBFC website does not work. Even their wikipedia entry says their website isn't working.

I wish I was able to walk in their office and talk to someone about this film. Some day...

If only the producer knew how many fans there are of his film; the fans who don't want to just download the movie, but will gladly pay money to purchase this film, if only they could. :)

Btw, thank you for sharing the links to the sites with other Doordarshan goodies. There's been some very creative work done by many masterminds back then. It's like hidden treasures. For me, Uranchoo name sounds familiar but nothing else.

Good luck to us!

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

My pleasure, Mr. Kanan.

And yes, good luck to us indeed! :)

Kanan said...

Thank you, Mr. Krishnaprasad!

That would be Ms. Kanan. :)

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

Oops! My apologies. While writing that post, I'd initially typed 'Ms', changed it to 'Mr' considering it a mistake, and now I understand what was meant to be a correction was actually a mistake!

Coming back to the topic, I don't see any chance of that Malayalam movie being released in DVD with subtitles. So what we might get, if at all, would be a VCD and we won't understand a word of it - will just have to enjoy the movie as if it was a silent movie. And then, I don't see any chance of getting hold of that dubbed Hindi version, as mostly that would have been done for limited screening purposes only. This nut is a tough one to crack indeed! :D

Kanan said...

Krishnaprasad, no problem at all. I still have a hope we will be able to get hold of this movie... :)

*fingers crossed*

trupti said...

hey i am going to have a kid and ever since i got pregnant i ave been trying to recollect the name of the movie which i did just to find there is no way i can get to watch it again.....keep feels good i m not the only one who thinks some movies just last forever in our memeories and somewhere we learn a lot from really simple stuff

Kanan said...

Trupti, congrats for the baby news! :) That's so exciting. I am happy that this post and conversations were of help to you to find the movie name. Please don't give up, we will surely find this great film and I am positive it will be soon. :) Indeed an everlasting movie in our hearts and minds and a very simple one like you said. My family members and I just remembered this one over the weekend and felt blessed to have watched it even once. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
i m looking for the movie for many free downloads,but found this link
not sure if its is a genuine one

Kanan said...

Anonymous, hi there. Thanks for the link but doesn't seem like a genuine website from the looks. I didn't create a login because I feel reluctant to register on such a website. Thanks for sharing the info though. I appreciate it.

NiTiN said...

kanan and all
where it is really golden days
it a good past which never comes, as i said old is gold, which never dies, and more u heat the gold it shine more, well only last option i found that We should tell moser bear to purchase the right of this movie or some other brand who can purchase the right and then sell in public, becoz (NFDC)or door darshan keep this gold in box. which has no use, if u release this movie our pure telant will come out and people can see and watch.. understand and let people see the legand of india. u should either show on tv some times specially on children day.. so that u know our new generation should watch .. well we should write the email to moserbear so he can purchase the same . i request kanan to do the needful
well thanks to everyone for doing there best

Kanan said...

NiTiN, hello. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love for Azadi Ki Ore.
I would love to have someone get the rights for this film as long as they don't temper with the original version and chop off any scenes.
If they show it on TV again, it would be fantastic!! I think that's a brilliant idea. The producer can make big money and if he isn't interested in making money, he can donate it to a charity somewhere. But if he let the movie out, he will surely get a load of blessings that he truly deserves for making this gem of a movie. Thanks for the suggestion, Nitin. I will try to contact Moserbaer.

Anonymous said...

pls inform me too for the availability of movie Azadi Ki Ore.

Ashish said...

pls inform me too for the availability of movie Azadi Ki Ore.

Kanan said...

Ashish, thanks for your comment. Will surely share any info about the film when I find it.

Prem said...

Well Kanan, i am writing to email to Boserbear, as well as some Reputed co. who are in to movie title, if they understand the importanance of this movie then might they do something,.. hope for the best

Prem said...

Well Kanan, i am writing to email to Boserbear, as well as some Reputed co. who are in to movie title, if they understand the importanance of this movie then might they do something,.. hope for the best

Kanan said...

Hello Prem, thanks for your comment and writing to Moser Baer. I appreciate your support. Hope we get to hear from them soon about this film.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kanan,

I think better to contact Mr.P.S.Prakash (Director)to get this movie.


sumanta said...

friends i am also deadly waiting for this movie. tried in palika bazar, new delhi, all reputer shops in chandigarh and other cities. please let me know also i will purchase by any amount.

sumanta said...

i too eagerly seeking this film. tried in palika bazar new delhi and some places of chandigarh and other cities. please let me know if any body finds it. i will purchase in any amount.

sumanta said...

please let me know also. i have tried in palika bazar new delhi and some other place but in vein.

Kanan said...

Shaheer, thank you for the suggestion. I'll try and search for his contact info as well. If you have any ideas about how to contact him, please share and I'd be more than happy to contact him.

Sumanta, we will surely let you know in case we find it. :) Many thanks for trying at your local video places.

Prem said...

well every one we are just trying but we have not achived so far.. i went to one of Movie right co. he told me that we have to speak to big movie right co. who can approach to DD ((NFDC).. now sir we all should write email to moser bear... .. my single request has not importance but mutiple request will give them a way to look in broad way.. waiting for your all support and mark email what ever you send to me on


Prem said...

Moser Bear Co.
1800-221099 (BSNL/MTNL)
1800-1021099 (From all other phones)
Time: Monday to Saturday 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM. We are closed Sunday.

Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd.,
23, Shah Industrial Estate, 2nd Floor,
Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West),
Mumbai - 400053
Tel: +91-22-42174500
Fax: +91-22-26734658

Pls request them for the movie title purchase

Anonymous said...

Hi All ,

I am so pleased to here the fan following for this amazing movie "zaadi ki Ore" -Wow ,such an awesome movie . But CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE FROM NET OR ELSE LEMMENO FROM WHERE TO GET THE CD ...Me & My entire family are anxiously waiting to see i once again...DOORDARSHAN ARE U LISTENING PLEASSSSEEEE HELP US!!!!!....Sunita Pawar (Pune)...

roshan said...

This is my favorite movie. I would prefer this movie more than all time hit SHOLAY. But my bad luck, it hard to find this movie either at video shop or internet. Can somebody help me and friends? My email address is

Kanan said...

Prem, thank you for the info and all the attemps to acquire the movie. I will also try to reach Moser Baer.

Anonymous/Sunita, glad to know there's more fans of the movie. Unfortunately, we haven't had any luck in finding it yet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comment.

Roshan, will surely do as soon as I get hold of it. We can't be so far away from it, can we?


tried everything on the net to find this movie!!! ALAS!! nothing worked.

then stumbled upon this link....LO AND BEHOLD... i am not alone!!
still didnt get the movie but seems like there is hope !!
(considering you good sirs has been at it for 2 years or so)

i will be delighted to see it,therefore ...if theres anything i can do to help you .... please let me know!! e-mail
(P.S- not very connected to the net so it might be a while before i reply....)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I was looking for this same movie. My parents had it video taped from DD. And belive it or not we had whole mohalla ( neighborhood ) used to borrow. They are going to try to have it converted to DVD or VCd. Let's hope it works. I am excited.

Ishk said...

oh my god! i was asking each & everyone about this movie, ia m very thankful to you for at least i know its title now "Azadi ki aur"..please somebody find it i have been searching for it for years. Dying to see it. please mail me at Please do inform me if anybody have it. Thanks

Prem said...

well requet to all lovers
i had given there details and nos. which are as follow
Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd.,
23, Shah Industrial Estate, 2nd Floor,
Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West),
Mumbai - 400053
Tel: +91-22-42174500
Fax: +91-22-26734658
my single request to this co. will not work. i want all you to call on there nos ask there marketing department and tell them value of this movie, so might with multipal request they can do something ..

navdeep kaur said...

plz koi to help kro movie ko hasil krne me...kyu k hum bahut betaab hain ise dekhne ke liye.....kahan se milegi?

Anonymous said...

Hi I just had a word with Mr. Rajiv Jain's ( he heads National awards unit of ministry of I&B)office. They said it could be found in library of National film archives Pune. Now I live in Delhi. If anyone of you lives nearby law college road can go over there to ask a copy. Please dont forget to share as many ppl are waiting in case you get one.

Anonymous said...

No luck guys .. National Film Archives says they dont have a copy it can be procured for the producer.. Now who is the producer of this movie. cant make out. ?

Anonymous said...

If anybody get hold of this movie please pass on information to

Abhishek Jain said...

oh my god .. can't believe people remember this movie and we have blog for this.. and I found this so late... I never forgot this movie, and actually tried finding things about it but never got anything.. thanks to Kanan google that today I got some information about this..
now next target is to get this movie on CD..
looks like tough task..
guys, thanks..

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

Welcome to the club! It's good to see many lovers of this much cherished childhood movie...

Prem said...

well i believe that we should approach some co. who are in to the RIGHT TO PURCHASE MOVIE TITLE..
then only we will get other wise i thing we could not be able to show this to our child

Kanan said...

RAHUL-SHUKLA, hello, thanks for your comment and sharing your email. Appreciate the participation. Will surely update on here of any progress on this quest.

Anonymous, wow! you have a recording? That is so exciting!! I am hoping I get to see it. Thanks for your comment.

Ishk, that must be a great feeling to finally be able to find the name of a movie you love. Will surely inform you once it's found. Thanks.

Kanan said...

Prem, thank you for sharing the contact info about Moser Baer. I will surely contact them to see whether they can help us.

navdeep kaur, bilkul sahi baat kahi aap ne. asha karte hai yeh jaldi ho. aap ke comment ke liye shukriya.

Anonymous, good research work there! I did contact Sangeethalaya from their website in early February this year, but haven't heard from them. I will contact them again.

Anonymous, I think both the comments are from the same person? Thank you for checking with National Film Archives. Appreciate it.

Kanan said...

Anonymous, thank you for sharing your contact info. Will definitely contact you when we get hold of the movie.

Abhishek Jain, thanks! :) Nice to meet yet another fan on here.

Krishnaprasad ji, can't agree with you more! Nice to see so many fans.

Prem, that's an idea to pursue for sure. I am hoping to get in touch with MB soon. Thx.

aajesh said...

If anybody get hold of this movie please pass on information to

Surender said...

Hello freinds, I am trying to coord the issue with National Film Archive of India Pune. However on prelim enquiry, seems their database not throwing up the name in the repository. Keeping fingers crossed. Will update you all on the progress.

Surender said...

Does anyone remember a black and white movie regarding a magical chair which used to move on its own. I dont remember its name but I very vividly recall the scenes on the white wavering screen with the projector grring in the background....... and we all sitting on the ground watching this anaother amazing movie.....

uttam said...

OH my good, i don't believe this that there are so many fans for this movie, i was 8 year old when i saw this movie on dordarshan and still remember, so many times i discussed this with my loved i am 32 now and i just want to show this movie to my 3.5 year old daughter.
i was never know the title of the film only know about the characters name Gauri and Shankar..
Thnks Kanan. thanks so much for the blog.. pls let me know if any one get this movie..


Preet Waraich said...

Thanks Kanan, Great film as still goes in our minds Uttam said , I was same his age when I saw the film .

Nishant said...

HI All,

Yes'day I saw an article in the paper where columnist had shared a list of his 100 fav indian movies.
I kind of started thinking of my own list and remembered this movie and then thought of searching for it.
Now here I am, going through a rare moment of mixed emotions. On one hand its great to see such a huge following for a movie I thought very few would have remembered, on the second note its sad to see that chances of watching this movie again are grim.

Hoping to hear some good news soon.

Ishk said...

Hey friends..any update about this movie????????

Kanan said...

aajesh, Hi, will surely do. Thanks for your comment.

Surender, thank you for your efforts. Really appreciated. I don't remember the magical chair film. May be someone will read your comment and share about it.

uttam, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the movie. Will definitely share any hopeful news I get to hear about the film.

Preet Waraich, nice to know. :) What a coincidence.. I was 8 too at the time! Exciting times.

Nishant, hey there! Thanks for stopping by. What a great idea to make a list of 100 favorite Indian movies. If nothing, I think these comments will move any person having any access or whereabouts of this movie and will definitely want to share it with us. I am hopeful. :)

Ishk, thanks for dropping by. No news yet. Still waiting.. it's like we all are virtually sitting around waiting for this magical movie. One day! Hopefully soon. I day-dream of this movie playing in a theater and making silver jubilees and all kinds of famous stuff. :)

Grad Student said...

Hi Kanan,

I had watched this movie on DD at neighbor's home and still remember it. Can you tell me the exact date when it was broadcasted on DD? Coz I am just curious to know!

Thank you.

Niraj (

Kanan said...

Niraj, thanks for stopping by. Glad to know you got to watch the movie as a kid too. Honestly, I don't recall the date when the movie was aired on DD. May be someone else on here can?

Ashish Bhandari said...

I found the movie on youtube. Search for "ghori shankar" and you will find the movie in multiple parts.

Kanan said...

Ashish, thank you so much for sharing that. I was able to view the two short clips that came up on the search. Such wonderful clips.. I enjoyed viewing them despite of their VHS quality. Appreciate you sharing this and to hamzazahoor786 for uploading them.

Kanan said...

Loved that last dialog "inn kapdo mein ghulaami ki boo hai" :) What a well-made movie!!

The voices of Gauri and Shankar sound so familiar. Too bad I can't figure out who they are.

॥कृष्णप्रसाद एकबोटे॥ (Krishnaprasad Ekbote ~ KP) said...

Wow! I wonder how Ashish found it out on Youtube and where from our friend from Pakistan, hamzazahoor786, got these clips.

Nevertheless, got to watch at least a part of the movie, if not full. And, thankfully, the dubbed Hindi version of it. Brings back good old memories. Incidentally, the Part 4 of this video is the only scene I vaguely remember from this movie, the scene where all the cobras hang from a tree to save Gauri.

Kanan said...

Krishnaprasadji, Indeed! It looks like digitally converted VHS quality video, but that doesn't matter when the content is such quality! :)

I wish hamzazahoor786 would share the rest of the video, or even better, the movie makers would make it available for purchase... I have a hope. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Best wishes.

Anand Berry said...

Dear Friends,
I Suppose Ms Jaya Bachchan May Be Of Great Help, Who Happened To Be A Jury Member To Select This Movie For 33rd National Film Awards Under The Categeory Of "Best Children's Film"

jatin gupta said...

anybody have success in finding full movie

Anonymous said...

Hey were u able to convert it to dvd. Pls lemme know on 08885575000

Anil Paliwal said...

Respected Sir
Long back i was fortunate to watch the outstanding movie on the relationship between human being and monkey. Till date I had not such a wonderful movie with an outstanding message to society and its cultural elements, especially the rich heritage of relationship of human beings with animals in Indian society. Animals know the language of selfless love and affection whereas humans fails bestow selfless love and affection towards its fellow beings. In modern world where the modern man has chosen wrong direction of leading the life which has made the humans mentally deranged searching and researching the existence of true love. The director and his team deserve salute from the core heart.
With regards
Dr. Anil Paliwal

Narayan said...

I watched this movie at age 8 or 9 when it was released in theatres in this part of the world (Trivandrum, Kerala) as a Malayalam movie KADINTE MAKKAL. I think its originally a Telugu movie. I came across this blog when trying to come up with a copy of the dvd/ vcd of themovie- and I am happy to see many a 33+ kid out here eagerly waiting to see this movie along with their kids. The poster reveals some information. the script (in Malayalam) was written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair- and was produced by Gandhimati Balan. I am also writing (via snail mail) to Mr. Gandhimathi Balan regarding this movie and urging him to release the dvd of the same soon- ie, the Malayalam version. shall keep all posted regarding developments if any
Narayan Radhakrishnan

Prem said...

well after long time i came to know any progress but with no hope i came
i had drop email to Moser Bear to purchase the right for this film from Door Darshan or National film, but no reply
also write and email to many Copy right co. like shamroo. Tips and many more but they could not get this movie so far from original source .. if any one confirm where is this movie lying, then i am ready to go to that place and pull out the movie from my pocket .. such movie such seen and sight location in this movie still in my mind and want to see on screen i show this movie when i was 8 to 9 years old and it was shown on Nehru chacha Birthday day when it was shown in DD
well hope some thing will work out or best option we all will write together to National Door Darshan so might this goverment can reply

Malvika said...

Hello Kanan!

Thank you!
I have been trying to get hold of the movie for a very long time now. I mistook the name to be Gauri Shankar.

I saw this movie on TV, then! And I remember the last scene clearly - it had me crying so much!

And it is so overwhelming to read all the other comments and to see such a following!

Thanks again.
Do keep us posted on developments if any.

Your blog is a great find.

Rupesh said...

i am highly appreciate to all of you for trying to bring this tremendous movie back.
Dear Friends i request to you all please do the job and bring this full movie back
I am also thankful to this blogger.

Ramashray said...

I too share the same childhood experience of watching the movie and loving it immensly.