Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Relationships of Brothers & Sisters

Today, it is shraavaN sud poonam - Rakshabandhan. Yet another festival we Indians have that is based on relationships. This one for the relationship that a brother and a sister share. My mind keeps thinking about different people I know...

The one where the brother and sister are so close, emotionally attached, and keep in touch and care about eachother, regardless of what day of the year it is. It is very sweet.

There are the brother and sister are no longer on speaking terms with eachother. There are egos that do not let them forgive and forget the mistakes of eachother. I feel very sad for them. They are siblings in this life yet their fate does not let them experience and value this beautiful relation that God has created. On this special day, I wish they realized that life is too short to fret over little things. I wish they would let the anger go, swallow the pride and discard the ego from mind and heart and let eachother know how much they love and miss them.

There are sisters who don't have any brothers who wished they had one... they send/tie rakhis to their cousins who are brothers or would consider/adopt someone as their brother, and try to shower their love and blessings to these lucky brothers.

And there are some who have lost their brothers or sisters in this life... and can't do anything about it but relive the precious moments spent with their siblings in past and cherish them forever, till the end of life. Thank God for showing them a day where they were able to share everything they could with their siblings...

May God bless the ones who have brothers and sisters and keep the delicate strings of this relationship unbroken.

Happy Rakshabandhan!

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