Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing my Memory Capturer

So many memories are attached with it
It was always with me wherever I went
For the past one year and eight months
It did what I wanted it to do,
That is to brightly capture my memories
Just the way I wanted
And now it lies beside me on this desk
With salty sea water droplets in it's core
Both of us are uncertain about it's future
As I make frantic calls around to find
If someone... anyone who can mend it
From this helpless state
To make it click and flash again, only for me
As I grieve, unable to let go
Of my precious Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W7.

August 20, 2007


Chetan said...

And so, such is life
what comes, has to go one day
the cycle of Generation, Operation, Dissolution

holding on ... but leads to such grief
for it is not what one _has_ that matters
but what one _does_ that counts

So, now, I grieve not, my dear
I have to let you go
make way ... let the cycle go on

for if not today, tomorrow
nature has its way
You taught me to be in tune
with how things are.

so many memories, so precious times
so many places, and so many faces
Thank-you O dear camera
for sharing
those special moments of my life

I am happy for our friendship
and I shall always think of you
for you have not left ... you are just reborn
as my dear new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W9

Kanan said...


Thank you so much! That is a very beautiful poem. :) Learning to let go is difficult... but I like the way you think.

You've guessed the new camera quite right. :D