Thursday, August 30, 2007

Parsi kavita: આઈ મને સુ કરેચ

After reading Ek Surati Ghazal on Nishit's blog, I was reminded of this one as they both fall under same category of funny Surati/Parsi poetry. So it was a Gujarati music program/musical evening years ago in Fremont, CA by Soli Kapadia and Nisha Upadhyay where I first heard this one. Solibhai adds jokes in between his songs and this came up when he was talking about funny songs/ghazals. I laughed for more than a week remembering the song and loved it so much that the lyrics just got stuck in my head. Not sure whether it was whole song or partial that he sang but it was funniest one I ever heard. It is a Surati/Parsi song in written in Gujarati.

And, my first try at writing a Gujarati blog post is successful!!

આઈ મને સુ કરેચ

પ્રેમમા પરવાનુ કીધુ તો ગબરી પર્યો
ને હવે નિકરવા મથેચ
આઈ મને સુ કરેચ

દાર-ભાત ભેગા થાય એમ પ્રેમ કરવો હતો
ને હવે ખિચરો કરેચ
આઈ મને સુ કરેચ

હિર-રાંજા રોમિયો-જુલિયેટ ની જેમ પ્રેમ કરવો હતો
ને હવે પાણિપત લરેચ
આઈ મને સુ કરેચ


Bhavesh said...

hilarious indeed!! read the poem on nishit's post as well. i remember the first time i listened to that poem in a kavi sammelan on doordarshan... they call this style of writing as Hazal...Dr. Maniar at his best :)

Kanan said...

Interesting bit of information. I didn't know that. Hasva kavi sammelan are so much fun. In fact, there's one going on right now here in the area as I type this comment but I couldn't go. Never heard of Dr. Maniar. Who is he?

Nishit said...

Hilarious!!! As Bhavesh said, they call it Hazal.

Kanan said...

Thanks. Do share more if you come across any. :)

cheeky said...

Can we have more of parsi, jokes,poems ,dialogues whatever they r one hilarious lot, they r fun to observe too.Just listening to that language sends me into fits of laughter.

Kanan said...

Cheeky, sure, if only I came across more of them. Will surely share. :) A warm welcome to You.