Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sakura Sushi

I have visited this place at least three times for lunch. They're located right in Sunnyvale downtown.

Their Veggie Lovers Bento Box is served with miso soup, salad & rice. All the dishes come with the gari (pickled ginger) and the wasabi sauce. Both of which make all the food quite delicious!

As a veg, we have a choice of asparagus rolls, vegetable tempura, agedashi tofu, wakame (seaweed salad), vegetable rolls, inari (kind of a stuffed and fried roll), and kanpyo maki (pickled-gourd rolls).

For lunch, you can choose up to two items from the above list and for dinner you can choose up to three items as part of your bento box.

My most favorite is the wakame and vegetable rolls. Their wakame has nice amount of sesame seeds which give it a real good taste and the rolls are also quite delicious. Their miso soup is also nice.

Their menu says they serve jalapeño poppers as part of all the bento boxes but I've never seen any. Hmm... I should ask that next time I am there.

The place is small but usually isn't too crowded for lunch time. Staff is courteous and polite.

My rating for Sakura is 3/5.

Name: Sakura Sushi
Type: Japanese
Average Price: $10/person (Lunch), $15/person (Dinner)
Address: 173 South Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: (408) 481-9474
Website: None.

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