Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Today, on shraavaN vad aaTham as we celebrate Shri Krishna janma - Janmashtami, I was thinking of all of the stories that I have heard/read about Shri Krishna bhagwan.

Then I remembered a story that I read in Shri Radhavatar a few years ago. Once Shri Radhaji goes to a mela (funfair) with her friends. That is also the same place where she first meets Rukmani and other wives of Shri Krishna. It happens so that Rukmani and the other queens had heard of Radha and her love for Shri Krishna and got jealous of her before they met her. On meeting, during one incident, Radha mistakenly drinks extremely hot milk and her mouth gets burned by it. A few days later when the queens of Shri Krishna return back home and meet Him, they see that His feet have burned because of coming in contact with something very hot. And they find out that when Radhaji drank the hot milk, it passed by and burned her heart along with the holy feet of Shri Krishna that reside there as well. All the queens regretted for being jealous when they realized how divine Radha's love was for Shri Krishna.

I got tears in my eyes when I read this story. It is such a beautiful story!

Jai Shri Radhe-Krishna.

Jai Shri Krishna.


Kumar Ahir said...

such a love is hard to find in today's world. we can only pray him to show the true light of love to the world. He has to incarnate.

Bhavesh said...

ah... where to find such radha? ;) any pointers please...:) or is it that we have to become krishna for that ..lol

Kanan said...

Very true, Kumar. :) Until then, we can get inspired from His example and wish we can do even little of what all he did. Sometimes when I think about it, I just realize how difficult it is to even do what Shri Krishna or Shri Raam did, you know the general duties and things.

Bhavesh, I say you are a very intelligent man! you've correctly answered your own question. :D As they say, the change has to come in the way we see things. So I guess we have to become who we expect the others to be.