Sunday, September 16, 2007


This is my first one! Ami has tagged me. Not sure whether my interpretation is right but I think she wants me to answer these questions best to my knowledge. ;)

Nineteen questions!! Oh boy! even my board exams were simpler.. just kidding! :D

  • Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

    Too many to pick from but this one is the most recent one so here goes. It's on my right knee. Sunday, August 19, 2007. In the evening I went to the beach with my sister to watch the sunset. While climbing down to the sandy area from a steep rock, I put my foot on this man-made step on the rock and before I realize that it's too small for my 11-inch foot, I was in this extra-large puddle of seawater with my entire left side of body under water. I realized after a moment which was actually quite long because everyone who saw me fall had stepped in the water by then to pick me up. I realized that parts of my body had hit a huge log in the water that people had put there to avoid stepping in the water. Both of my knees, other parts of legs, my left arm and my camera got hurt. My knees got the most cuts/bruises with right one being the worst. The purple, green, magenta colored bruises took about 3 weeks to heal and the cuts left a scar behind.

  • What does your phone look like? List your reasons to buy it?

    It's a Motorola V400. Bought it because it had the GSM technology and camera and looks like this:

  • What is on the walls of your bedroom?

    A whole bunch of family members' photos, some photos with friends, art posters by sis, a noisy clock, a hand-made poster with 12 pages of an old calendar with cute friendship quotes, another hand-made poster of four photos of national parks, a whole bunch of cuttings from another old baby-animals calendar and large pictures of baal Krishna and Lord Shiva. There are also more than three dozens glow-in-the-dark stars stuck all over the place including on the ceiling. Wow I'm surprised I still have space left on the walls!

  • What is your current desktop picture?

    A photo of Asrani when he was young! lol no just kidding. It's Shahid Kapoor's poster! ;)

  • Do you believe in gay marriage?

    Sure, why not. Whatever works.

  • What do you want more than anything right now?

    Another weekend, or anything but Monday. :P

  • What time were you born?

    A time long long ago... :|

  • Are your parents still together?

    (goes to double check, and back) They said yes. :D

  • Last person who made you cry?

    The lady who was cutting too many onions while preparing for the meal at the function. :P No, I think it was my sis and no she wasn't cutting any onions.

  • What is your favorite perfume / cologne?

    Too suffocating for me, but if I had to pick one I'd pick Longing. Inner Realm is also nice.

  • What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

    How about fluorescent pink! ;)
    Nooo, on the other hand, black/dark brown would be just fine. Thank you.

  • What are you listening to? Why?

    Mohd. Rafi's taareef karofy songs
    - ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar
    - taareef karoon kya uss ki
    - bahot shukriya badi meherbaani
    - yoon to humne laakh haseen dekhe hai
    - chaudhvin ka chaand ho
    - aye gulbadan phoolon ki mahek
    - yeh reshmi zulfen
    - teri bindiya re
    and then some Gujarati songs like
    - jeevan anjali thaajo
    - jeevan panth ujaaL
    - ho raaj mane laagyo
    - hu ne chandu
    - naiyaa jhukaavi me to
    - janani ni jod sakhi
    These are looping on the winamp right now.
    Mohd Rafi because I adore his voice and Gujarati because of this new blog.

  • Do you get scared of the dark?

    Sometimes, yes if I am alone.

  • Do you like painkillers?


  • Are you too shy to ask someone out?

    Yes, now. Used to be otherwise before.

  • If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

    Laadu made of left-over rotalis, ghee and jaggery/brown sugar/goL like my great grandma used to make and feed us.

  • Who was the last person who made you mad?

    A very high maintenance person whom I know through friends. Really glad I am not friends with her.

  • List one habit you have that has the potential to annoy people?

    An ability to talk non-stop regardless of what time of the day/night it is. :D

  • Who was the last person who made you smile?

    Janki, when she complimented me about my dimples yesterday.

    The next people to be tagged are RJ, Bhavesh, Jigar and JD.

    AmiDA said...

    i go through this, my friends go through it also!!! :p
    nice reading :)

    Nova said...

    Cute... :)

    That made for nice reading :)

    Bhavesh said...

    neat :) ... nice read
    and you tagged me!!.. haha you are going to have to read one big crap now :)

    Kanan said...

    Ami, that's right. It's fun to see our friends put thru the same test. :P

    Thanks, Neha! :)

    Bhavesh, hmmm... are you threatening me!? 8) I'm going to check yours now!

    S-n-E-h-A-l = SEA = WIDE = OPEN = DEEP said...

    Your answers were really full of sense of humour. Liked ur way of living life...Keep posting. Thanks.

    Kanan said...

    Thanks, Snehal :)

    Time said...

    I got tagged?
    Little Ole Me?

    What do i do now?
    What will happen now?
    God's promise, I didnt do it?
    I was no where near that place!

    Kanan said...

    Hahaha! that's funny.

    Rakeshbhai, you need to start answering those questions ASAP! :D