Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just One Word? Or Many?

How about both? ;)

Ever since Bhavesh had re-tagged me to answer tag questions in just one line, I wanted to do this. So when I saw Neha had tagged me, I was like oh this is just perfect! I will answer in just one word, not even one line. ;) But then I couldn't help doing the other one as well. Here goes:

i am: crazy.
i think: nonstop.
i know: little.
i want: peace.
i have: patience.
i wish: good.
i hate: hypocrites.
i miss: school.
i fear: God.
i feel: blessed.
i hear: mostly.
i smell: roses.
i crave: attention.
i search: daily.
i wonder: often.
i regret: judging.
i love: nature.
i ache: thrillers.
i care: much.
i always: irritate.
i am not: mean.
i believe: confidently.
i dance: freely.
i sing: average.
i cry: sometimes.
i don't always: listen.
i fight: injustice.
i write: blogs.
i win: hearts.
i lose: temper.
i never: bark.
i confuse: myself.
i listen: carefully.
i can usually be found: talking.
i am scared: inside.
i need: vacation.
i am happy about: life.
i tag: nobody.

And now for the longer answers:

i am: a control freak, short-tempered, very patient at times, silly, outrageous, and a little crazy, yeah I know. ;)
i think: too much sometimes. More than what's needed.
i know: that I am truly blessed.
i want: more self control.
i have: a very unique family. Yup, I do.
i wish: for world peace. LOL! I sound like Ms. whatever *batting eyelids*. No but seriously, I wish I read more things than what I do now, specially books.
i hate: waking up early in the morning.
i miss: hanging out with friends like I did when I was a teenager.
i fear: drinking unclean water.
i feel: passionate about things I love to do.
i hear: selectively. Let me tell you, it helps. ;)
i smell: delicious sourdough bread right now. *yum*
i crave: for junk food every once in a while.
i search: mostly on google only, but in my room when I misplace my things.
i wonder: a lot... mostly about what people would be feeling or thinking.
i regret: hurting my loved ones at one point or the other.
i love: traveling to places and going for long drives.
i ache: for people who can't forgive and let go.
i care: to be indifferent than to hate.
i always: thought I was right. :(
i am not: a perfect human being.
i believe: that all the answers are inside of us.
i dance: once every week.
i sing: the beginner level Hindustani classical vocals.
i cry: just like everyone else does.
i don't always: speak the truth. *humming... jab meri chori pakdi jaati!* :P
i fight: the most with my sister. Sorry Neha, I'd to steal this answer. ;)
i write: letters in Gujarati really well, or so I am told. :)
i win: when I am able to control myself
i lose: temper more often than you'd think.
i never: have been able to get my head to touch my knees when I'm sitting with straight legs, parallel to the ground (without bending my knees).
i confuse: niceness of certain people for their kind-heartedness, which is often just selfishness.
i listen: to Hindi songs with a lot of enthusiasm.
i can usually be found: quite easily when playing hide & seek.
i am scared: of insects that venture near by bed at night when I'm asleep.
i need: to exercise more.
i am happy about: knowing a lot of things today than say 20 or 30 years later.
i tag: all of the readers whose first names end either in H or R.

*phew* I tell you, this one was the hardest to complete.


Stupidosaur said...

Why? Are you a devotee of HR department?

samurai said...

Do you want to be a contributer to justads? You would make such an enthusiastic poster. Let me know :)

I make about 20 cents a day, so I can buy a lunch when I come to the bay for all your contributions...heh

Anonymous said...

Hey good one :) :) :)

Soham Shah said...

Cool meme ..

Two in one !! .. wow, that's a new way to do the meme !!

Jigar said...

I think you almost told so much using this one liner.. that is the beauty of all the tagging game....

Stupidosaur said...

"I hate hypocrites"?
Inspired from "practise what you preach?"

Kanan said...

@Saur, nah, just a fan of those two alphabets. ;)

@Samurai, sure, I'd love to but no promises to post on regular basis. :P

@Neha, thank you. :)

@Soham, thanks. :D

@Jigar, I guess so. (: thanks for your sweet words.

@Saur, no more like inspired from I love Lucy show I watched years ago. That reminds me I gotta start sharing the lessons I've learned from Lucy.