Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Smiley Tag

Taking it up from Neha's blog:

Instructions: I tag my blog fellas to mention one item they did that bought a smile on their face.

Morning started as usual. I still had a few mins to do anything I wanted before leaving for work. I went out to the little backyard for some fresh air and saw a squirrel climb down from the roof to the tree branches to the rocks in yard where the bird food has been sitting outside. It was a fat brown one. I saw it for the first time. Before I had seen the black one only. So I went in and got some more bird food. I knew they loved those black sunflower seeds so I got more of those and then I went to put them out again but the brown one went away. I went back in for my breakfast and came back only to see the cute black one. I admit, I am partial towards the Indian-stripy-skinny-*tock*tock*-noise-making squirrels than the fat-American-non-vegetarian ones but still this one brought smile on my face. I had enough time to go inside again to grab my camera. At first I was little hesitant to open the door and go out near it as I thought the noise would probably scare her away but guess what! this one sort of just knew that I wasn't there to hurt or drive her away so she let me shoot her, gladly! :)

Then while driving, I saw a samTrans bus with a Hindi ad that said "ice coffee" or rather "आईस कॉफी". First Hindi ad I saw on a bus in the bay area! Now that brought a bigger smile. :D

So did you see anything that brought smile on your face today?


Wanderingmind said...

Yes I saw something that made me smile today-your comment on my blog page :-) I'm honest!

Urv said...

I saw a lil 2 year old kid play with a puppy in the morning :)

Also, I saw the movie Aamir yesterday. Its supposed to be a documentary type serious movie but bahot mazaa aaya. Laughed a lot.

Kanan said...

@Medha, thanks! :) so sweet of you.

@Urv, that's a pretty sight - a toddler playing with a puppy. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether it's the kid playing with the puppy or the other way around. Not watched the documentary you mentioned. Thanks for the reco.