Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thoughts of the Day

If life is a treadmill that means you gotta keep running or else you will fall off. Does it mean it leads no where?

Do we do things we don't like just because there are deadlines?


Jaydip Mehta said...

If you think life is a treadmill, yes. You gotta keep running. If you don't think life is treadmill, no. Because only treadmill keep on running.

In professional life, yes. We must do things we don't like just because there are deadlines.

Soham Shah said...

I dont know the definition of succeess...Success is not a destination but a journey hence u can never be successful as once u achieve something, u need something else now .. so in real, life will lead u no where..

Deadlines make u active, fast, enegatic and sincere..so i love deadlines !

Kanan said...

@Jaydip, how about in personal life?

@Soham, do deadlines always do that? Don't you think one needs a break from them?

Jaydip Mehta said...

Do not do things you do not like, in personnel life. It is as simple as that. Let deadline be crossed. Let the things happen by itself. Let situation go out of your hand. Let it go against you. AT worst what will happen? Nothing. It is mear a fear. Life moves on and on without your permission. Flow with it. But never ever shake. Be firm and simply refuse the things you do not like. No matter what. Be so much courageous that situation I mean deadline itself transforms and becomes alive! It is better to be miserable for our own decisions rather than anything else. You meet deadline, another deadline will come. Problem still persist. Dump those deadlines in dustbins, if it makes you to do things you do not like. They are not meant for you. It is meant to be in dustbin only.

Stupidosaur said...

Sheesh, who said you 'do things because there are deadlines'

There are deadlines because you are doing things in the first place.

Since I have not decided to build a time machine, I have no deadlines for building the time machine :)

Plus, if a picture is made of lines, how can the picture of 'life' be made of 'dead'lines?

Kehte hain marey huey ko marna nahin chahiye.

But kill the 'dead'lines I say, kill the 'dead'lines!

Yes life is a treadmill.
It is exactly like treadmill. So it has 'off' button too.

You press that button every now and then, and juice up in between, eat, sleep. These things stand for the good things in life that you do between running for deadlines.

But yes, to keep 'glowing' healthy in life, you gotta run on the treadmill everyday. It is necessary to help keep the 'bad fat' away from you life.

Kanan said...

Hi Jaydip,

You’re right. In personal life, we shouldn’t be doing things that we don’t like. But don’t you think there are times we end up doing certain things out of responsibility (faraj)? E.g. we don’t like certain family member who is elder to us, but because we have been taught to respect them, we will hesitate opposing them in something, thus doing something we don’t really like. Also, there are times when we don’t tell truth to people thinking they won’t like it because it’s a bitter truth.

The deadline thing was for times when we are unable to make decisions. Eventually when we are forced to do it, we will do it but not before that. Why is it that we need an external force to do something? That’s what I keep wondering.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Kanan said...

Saur, right you are. I liked the way you think.

As for the deadlines and doing things, it seems like the chicken and egg puzzle.

Meera said...

"Why is it that we need an external force to do something?"

-you need an external force to do something because that thing was not something you picked to do by yourself. Either that thing was just something that came to your way, or you are doing it because you are unsure of what else you CAN do or what else you WANT to do. When things are worked upon without true interest or passion for it, one tends to not care about it as much. it is very simple; human mind tends to just work on it for the sake or working or it, or as you say - with needing an external force to do it.

The moment you will pick & choose something by YOURSELF to do it, the moment you will CARE about something from inside of you, you will not need an external force to do something.

Kanan said...

Meera, very right you are girl. It is when there is passion for the things we are doing we truly put our hearts to it. Thank you for your comment.