Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elders Edwise

ધરમ ના કામમાં ઢીલ ન કરવી.

Gujarati: dharam naa kaam maa Dheel na karavi.
Translation: when it comes to do duty/charity, don't delay.

My notes: the meaning of dharam can be interpreted in more than one way.

Dictionary meanings:

  • ઢીલ - f. - delay, dilatoriness; looseness, slackness, laxity; indifference, carelessness
  • ધરમ - m. - knowledge, faith or belief in the matter of morality, good behavior, death, life after death, God, etc.; religion; religious practices; merit or virtue; charity; duty, obligation; first of the four objects of life, property, quality, nature; name of Yudhisthira; Yama, God of death.


aneri_masi said...

very timely advise...with all the disasters happening in the world, every little bit we can do goes a long way!

Jaydip Mehta said...

Absolutely... It can be interpreted in more than one way depending on person's perception like any other word ...

Anonymous said...

etlej tara blog par comment karva ma mein var na kari!! Dharam na kaam ma dhil kevi!! :P :) :D

Kanan said...

Kashmira, thank you. So true, at any given time there's always someone who needs a helping hand.

Jaydip, true. :)

Sakhi, arre, tame to bahu moti vaat kari didhi.. tamaaro ghaNo aabhaar. :)