Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Tiger Poster in India

So as a kid when I went to vacation at my grandma's I'd always be afraid of this huge poster of baby tiger that used to hang in the living room. The poster is long gone but I'm looking for a photograph of that poster if anyone can help find it. I have been searching for it online since days but haven't seen anything that looked like that old poster. It was of a tiger cub roaring with its mouth open and big bright scary eyes. From what I remember, it was only the face of the baby tiger in the poster, but I could be wrong. I think the same one was shown in one of the Hindi films of those times also but I don't remember which film it was.

Anyone remembers seeing that baby tiger poster?


Anonymous said...

it said "HELP!" under it didnt it.. I used to have that poster

Kanan said...

Anonymous, hi there, it would be interesting to see the poster you mention. I don't remember whether it had anything written. It could have been. I have to dig through some new old photos I found to see whether there's a photo of this poster somewhere. Thanks for your comment.