Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why are majority of the news in newspapers, and online news sites always about things that are sad and bad? It's always about who died, who got murdered, who got some deadly disease, who killed whom, who dumped whom, who bombed where, who is doing drugs and getting raided, who lost a game, and what other bad things are happening around you and else where on this planet. Enough already!

Why is it always about bad things? Why is there nothing positive written any where to lift your spirits? UGH! I am so sick of bad and sad news every where. :(


chinmai said...

yeah that sad but has been like this since ages.. so the best way to start ur day is not to read NP 1st in the morn ;)

Kanan said...

Right. :) I need that as a reminder. Need to put a note for myself on desk to not click any links with news.