Wednesday, October 24, 2007

There's Nothing Rajni Can't

I've not been a die-hard Rajnikant fan but this one was awesome! This guy totally rules!! And I watched some of his works on youtube and all I can say is it's outstanding, mind-blowing, mind-boggling, fantastic, awesomeeeee! Check this out: ;)


Aspi said...

That's hilarious Kanan.

Although I wish I could say it was original, but its lifted straight out of Chuck Norris' very funny Facts site.

Kanan said...

Aww Aspi, that sucks! :P When I got this in a forwarded email I was in splits reading it thinking that's what Rajni fans truely believed. ;) Thanks for the link.

Kumar Ahir said...

Rajni is one of the superduper heroes of Indian film industries. And it's really unbelievable. I got a pirate CD of Sivaji and will you believe on entry of Rajnikant on screen people threw bundles of money on the screen. pheeewwwww

AmiDA said...

i wonder who does his publicity! where did he pick up so many fans??
and why is he an icon anyway???

Kanan said...

Kumar: wow! that is unbelievable in this age. I had heard about that kind of thing happening in the days of Saira Banu but today... I think it can only happen for a star like Rajnikant. Not even big B can match to that standard. ;)

Ami, I also wonder that sometimes. His life has been quite interesting as well... a journey from being a bus conductor to this stardom is amazing.