Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Powerful Mother Nature

Right now as I type this post, some of the close family members are being affected by the fires that are burning in Southern California right now.

Everyone is calling in to find out how is everyone doing down there. Are they safe? Is their home safe? Are the kinds of questions you get. Some of the photos are very scary looking and I just hope that mother nature will have mercy on us. I pray to God for the safety of all.

As I sit here thinking about them, helpless, not being able to do anything but pray and worry, it makes me think... that it is only at times like these certain people call up to check on their family/relatives. Why is it that they wait for an emergency to show that they care? Why do we let feelings like grudge, jealousy, anger take over us so badly that we forget we are humans first. Why is it that only an emergency can make us pick up that phone and ask our loves ones we care? I still wonder...

But at the end of it all, I am glad that these people do care and come together to support each other, to support the people, people they love and people who love them.

May God help the ones in need!

Wild fire photos:

Thanks to Kumar, I am able to link up these wild fire photos on here.

More wild fire photos:
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    Image Source URL Wild fire smoke as seen from the space.

    Bhavesh said...

    Hope everyone down there in your family is safe.. how are things with you otherwise.

    Kanan said...

    Thanks, Bhavesh. Yes, everyone is safe right now. Hoping things don't get worse than they are. I've been okay. How is life treating you?

    AmiDA said...

    hope they are all safe and okay

    Kanan said...

    Thank you, Ami. All my folks safe and sound and back at home now.