Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Deal with Annoying People?

I've been trying to read more positive things today and thought this one was really good. I didn't want it to get lost in big piles of comments that are made by the seconds on Aspi's site so thought I'd put it on my blog. :) My thanks to Anonymous commentator for these helpful tips.

I've taken the liberty to format it a little but otherwise it has been copy-pasted word by word:

Here are steps to dealing with these people.

  • Kill them with kindness. Even though you may crave violence or some other form of hurt towards your enemy, and it hurts not being able to see that hurt, the most effective way to watch your enemy crumble is to be kind to them. After all, light always conquers dark no matter what. It is hard, and it all rests on your determination and will to achieve the objective, but it is possible.
  • Let your enemy dig their own ditch: When someone hates you, or is angry at you for reasons unjustifiable, then let them dig their own ditch. What goes around comes around. They will fall slave to their anger. If you are always angry and them, and there is tension surrounding you and your enemy, then you both are united: You both are slaves to your anger towards each other. Forgiveness frees that anger.
  • Don’t allow actions to bother you. Sometimes when you encounter miserable people, they sneer at those who are not miserable. Do not take it personally. If you take it personally, then you are just another miserable person in a miserable world. You do not stand out that way. You cannot stand out that way.
  • For rude and ignorant people, sometimes you have to act like an adult. Sure, there are people in their 50’s and older who act ignorant, and intolerable. If you have the will to act more mature and tolerant than them, then you are above them. Don’t be arrogant. Be mature. You will set an example for them, even if they seem to hate you.
  • If you do the right thing, some people will hate you. If you do not always sway with the popular crowd, people will hate you. Why? You cannot accommodate everyone. Sometimes, the more I am hated by negative people, the more I know I’m doing the right thing.

    Each of the five steps mentioned requires a great deal of will. They do work, but you have to be determined to make them work. I have had situation in which the above has helped. It has worked 100% of the time, every time I was determined to make it work. The same goes for you.

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