Friday, October 05, 2007

Raising The Bar

A couple of weeks back I heard a story. In the story, there was a little girl who played soccer (Indian football) game. She was really good at doing her job perfect that was to kick the ball towards the net and make sure she made the goal every time she kicked. Her mother would take her for practices and games all the time and watch her progress.

Usually before the games the little girl would practice and warm-up for a few minutes or so. So once during such warm-up session, she went over to the opposite team's player who would be kicking the ball during the game. She started teaching new tricks to the other player on how to kick better. Right at that time, her mother realized what she was doing and called for her from the side of the ground where she had been sitting and watching her daughter. She gave an upset look to the daughter and whispered in her ears asking why she was teaching all good tricks to the opponent team member. The daughter smiled and said "Mom, if I teach her to kick better, I'd have to get even better than her to catch the ball so that would make be a better goalie! (goal keeper)". The mother realized where she was wrong and smiled at the daughter and requested her to carry on with what she was doing.

After I listened to the story, it made me think why sometimes we don't raise the bar for ourselves like this little girl did? And it also made me realize that in such cases losing is not losing but winning or may be better than winning. When we raise the bar for ourselves and others, everyone benefits including ourselves.


chinmai said...

hey kanan .. thats a great story wid some great lesson for our own self and our life.. raising our own bars means competing with our own self and not with others.. this is the thing which we should be doing .. competing with others calls only for jealousies, politics and bad things of this world..where as competing wid self dosent..

Kumar Ahir said...

Everytime you compete with yourself and none other. You have to excel. that should be the main goal rather than comparing your level with others.
I believe that if you have to see that you have progressed raising your level.

Bhavesh said...

aah... wonderful! inspirational.. i wish i could teach you a lesson or two in blogging ;) haha just kidding !

Kanan said...

Chinmai, Kumar, Bhavesh, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I still wonder why is it that most often we tend not to raise the bar for ourselves? Or if we have started it, what makes us give it up so soon?

Hey Bhavesh, you should share those lessons, honestly! lol I like the way you make the whole serious atmosphere so light in 1/6 of a moment (people should learn how to translate from Guj to Eng from me). ;)

Bhavesh said...

hihi hahaha... chalo aj se teaching lessons chalu :)

yes i agree on that last statement.. kya translation skills payi hai tumne.. very good