Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Training by Life

Often times we observe others and learn what we should do; at the same time we also come across incidents in life where we learn what NOT to do. Recently, I came across such an incident and I got to learn some important lessons of life. Some of them I already believe in, so my belief has become stronger towards those, the others I got to learn for the very first time.

I have learned that...

  • it is easy to think someone is wrong just because they act/behave differently than you.

  • it is easy to find faults with others' thinking specially when it is different than our thinking.

  • it is easy to give advice to others without realizing they did not even ask for it.

  • it is easy to hurt/upset someone than to apologize to them for our mistakes.

  • it is easy to assume and judge people. When in doubt, ask questions first.

  • there are better ways to give your opinion to others than just be bitter and frank.
    satyam bruyaat priyam bruyaat; maa bruyaat satyam apriyam [Translation: speak the truth that is pleasing; do not speak the unpleasing truth]

  • there is no way to undo the damage done by words.

  • drinking ruins people's lives because a lot of times when a person is drunk he/she doesn't realize what they are doing and quite often they end up behaving in a way that they will regret later. One of them is, sending emails when being drunk.

  • it takes more effort to dislike somebody than to be indifferent towards them.

  • life is too short to waste on things we don't like; Better let them be and move on with life.


Kumar Ahir said...

those are nice observations.

chinmai said...

yep.. quite true.. nice observations..

Jaydip Mehta said...

Quite good learning. I like the last one. Life is too short ..

Allow me to add more on the topic "Free training by life" or say Exam of life :
Exam of life is cumulative. In exam of life, we need to have knowledge of exam we had given previously. Learning of first exam will be tested in forthcoming exams as well. Forth coming exam syllabus will be first exam learning + some thing more.

We can not escape out of any situation. Life will keep on teaching same lesson until we master that lesson and gain some skill out of that. When we don't learn lesson from problem, that problem will re-surface time to time. Problem will become repetitive. As we are not learning a lesson, as we are not improving ourself, as we are not equipped enough knowledge life will not allow us to move forward.

Soham Shah said...

Great POst kanan.. Awesome observations..Quite true abt all...

Felt really nice reading those..

Keep up the good work that u always do !! (One advice even though u hv not asked for !!! ;-) )

Nova said...

Those were some words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing them Kanan! :)

Kanan said...

Kumar, thank you.

Chinmai, thanks much.

Jaydip, thank you for sharing your thoughts. For me, exam of anything means it's the end of the learning process, so I wouldn't consider this an exam. Your second paragraph, I still need to sit and ponder on that. I will share more thoughts on that later.

Soham, haha! thanks :D that was funny.

Neha, thank you. :) you're welcome!