Saturday, May 31, 2008

Question on A's IM

"When you pray for success, does god give you success, or does he give you opportunities to be successful?"


Kumar Ahir said...

My take on this is something like this.
"Life is a precompiled program. Though the parameters are not hardcoded. Depending on your deeds at different lines of instructions the next step is changed and hence the final output also. So when you pray God you are making sure that the parameter that you are going to select for the next set of instructions are the best one to take you a better logical end."

am i sounding too much computer !!!
well tht's what i am ;-)

AmiDA said...

isn't it that placing our hopes on "god's" shoulders strengthens our belief in self..
isn't it that everything that could happen exists but we choose only one possibility.. and our belief and efforts helps us make the correct/best choice..

Solitaire said...

Does God have to be in the picture?

Jaydip Mehta said...


Soham Shah said...

It gives u neither of the two !!

Kanan said...

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

Kumar, very interesting answer! I had fun reading it. Is there an undo command for this pre-compiled program?

Ami, I think so, specially when we don't know what's coming or the result of our actions, it always helps to have faith/trust in a being that's superior to us. At the same time, someone to answer for our deeds makes us feel more responsible for our actions.

Solitaire, only if you want.

Jaydip, you really think so? How about those terrorists praying to God and doing jihad and whatnot? And what about a doctor treating someone who is on death-bed for whom their loved ones are praying?

Soham, why is that? Would love to hear more.