Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Do I Know You?

All those folks whose sites are linked from my blogs but don't know why, this one's for you!

Since Soham asked today, I realized a lot of you might have this question so decided to make a post on it.

Well, first and foremost, your site wouldn't have been linked to mine, if it weren't for my googling skills! *ahem* ;) Also, many thanks to Google! And last but not least, it is because I find your blog a cool place to hang out. :)

So it all started back in Feb/March 2007 if my memory serves me right. Actually this is how I was introduced to Google Blogs/Blogger/BlogSpot as well. I was searching for something related to Saptak (Ahmedabad) after having a music related discussion with my cousin who happens to be a fan of the organization too, and landed on the musical posts on Ami's blog.

Maulik and Kumar were also linked from hers so became a regular reader of their blogs as well. Then one day I saw a comment by Neha on Ami's blog and just clicked on her blog too only to discover the music fan in her. OMG! that was awesome to find another Hindi golden oldies lover. You see, we are a rare breed ;) so I was super excited and linked hers to mine too. Now with Neha, you know how it is... she's one of those folks who defines the concept of six degrees of separation. You'd know what I'm talking about if you've read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

I remember Bhavesh's blog turned up when I was searching for something related to Vanechand and Shahbuddin Rathod. Then found Jigar's blog from there (I think) and saw that he also shared the love for Gujarati poetry so bookmarked his link. Found another cool person Chinmai from Bhavesh's blog - a photographer and person who believes "life is cool"! :) Eventually, we ended up creating one common Gujarati blog - gurjar-dhara.

Jaydip: I guess he ventured on the gurjar-dhara blog so went to his site from there. I'm still trying to recall how exactly I landed on his blog.

Sayesha: I was searching for a dialog from film Aandhi and google sent me to her blog post.

Snehal: I think he commented on my blog post once. Now I do wonder how he found my blog in the first place. :)

Prajakta: I think she also commented on my post, which led me to hers and Priyanka's blog. Not sure how she stumbled upon my blog either.

Zahida: I know her from the Orkut world and Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa days.

Nishit: Found his blog from Neha's and linked it for his Harry Potter/Bollywood/Gujarati posts.

And now for the person who led me to initiate this post in the first place - Soham. He visited the gurjar-dhara blog and posted comments and link to his site so his site got linked too!

For the bloggers linked on the lyrics blog:

Richa's blog post came up on google when I was searching for the correct wordings in lyrics of yeh teri saadagi.

Ruchira's blog too came up while I was looking for some Hindi song words. Unfortunately, I can't recall which one.

As for the rest of the linked bloggers, I know you even before these blogs came to exist so I'll not bore you with those stories now. :)

Quite a lot of other blogs are linked because their websites have informative/funny/Bollywood gossip on them ;) and the rest are my crazy blabber blog sites.

Thank you for reading and clicking on so many links! :P


Soham Shah said...

Ha ha ha .. That was great kanan ..I thought only Orkut is capable of creating the magic by reuniting long lost childhood friends..But your blog did that magic too..So kudos to you..

But you did not specify, where do u live and what do u do for living??

AmiDA said...

super networking!!! :)

Bhavesh said...

Lagta hai ajkal kuch kam manda chal raha hai...kafi time mil raha hai surfing ka huh? ;) recession effect to nahi hai na :)

hmmm on a serious note thank you for discovering me and many others on web. All I can say is you are priceless on gurjar-dhara !! long live web 2.0 :-)

Kumar Ahir said...

i would say that's wonderful drawing out of connections.
in short super networking
p.s sorry Ami tht's what i though when i saw the blog and that's the comment i wanted to make :p

Kanan said...

Soham, thanks :) I believe that those who seek information can find it from anywhere... you just got to have that seeker mind, you know. As for the location and occupation, it's on my profile. If you'd like to get invited with family for a meal, let me know and I will send a personal invitation! :D

Ami, thank you! :D

Bhavesh, shubh shubh bolo yaar... :| Nah, it's more like I don't have any of those I-Take-Classes-For-Timepass classes this quarter so until the next one starts, I'm free you see (and of course work can take up only so much time) --> thus more time for blogging! Btw, thanks to your post we got connected and rest as we all know is history. And gurjar-dhara is a joint effort so we can't give credit to just one person, can we? ;)

Kumar, thank you (:

Nova said...

hahaha nice one :)

chinmai said...

that was a cool info .. and also informs a google keeda on the other end ;)

Jaydip Mehta said...

Quite good/huge blog network. I have to say here, Kanan is not keeping names of all just for blog rolling purpose, she post nice nice comments as well. Which definitely boosts you to post more blog.
Thanks. Thanks a lot for blog rolling me.

Kanan said...

Neha, thanks! (:

Chinmai, very true. Thanks to google keeda for all this and more.

Jaydip, thank you. That's very sweet of you to say that. :D