Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ten Things I Like About Men!

It is an ocean out there, I tell you.

Today, while reading recent posts on Soham's blog, I came across Solitaire's Ten Things I Like About Men!, on Warm Fuzzies, she claims, are "guaranteed to make you smile!" Okay now getting to the point, so I too started thinking what it is about men I like.


That was my first reaction. Sorry. :P

Don't be disappointed yet! This post is to be updated as I can think of things to add here.

Okay so it's been a couple of hours (four and three quarters to be exact) since I started thinking about this and I admit, it wasn't hard at all. :)

  1. When they admit their mistake and laugh at it thinking it's okay.
  2. When they don't hide their tears when their hearts overflow with emotions.
  3. When they spoil us rotten by not letting us do things that we're supposed to be doing. e.g. cook, drive, clean, etc.
  4. When they sing to us even though they know they terribly suck at singing just to woo us.
  5. When they don't say they love us but let their actions say it for them.
  6. When they don't feel shy in asking for help, for anything.
  7. When they give us their hand to support us while climbing up/down from somewhere.
  8. When they are able to carry us on their shoulders given the fact we are carry-able. LOL!
  9. When they ask us to pick out what to wear today.
  10. When they grow a mustache/beard even though they hate how it feels on their face and know that it makes them look ten years older than they actually are, just because we like it.

Guess what!? I can keep going on with the list, but that will make some of the audience climb up on some tree from where they wouldn't want to get off for a long time so I'll stop for now. ;)

So what are the ten things you like about the opposite gender?


Soham Shah said...

That was a great observation, I must say !! ..

I can relate almost all points to me .. Felt really nice that you girls do observe oour actions and emotions...You want express it at the very moment but at least you acknowledge it deep inside your heart...Great to know that..

Jaydip Mehta said...

Very nice. I like this concept too much.
How about applying this in our relations? I mean, Whenever relations seems down, just write down 10 things you like the most about that person and show it to him/her. For example, Mother is not happy with your behavior since long, write 10 things you like the most about her. Friend has some complains, write down 10 things you like the most and show him. ... ... ...

I'm truly going to try this.

Kanan said...

Soham, thanks!!! :D Of course, remember? women are nothing (well, only wo) without men. ;)

Jaydip, glad you liked it. :)
You're right - this idea is truly a good one. So do we share the 10 things with that person or not after we write them? ;)

Btw, I expect a post on each of your blogs about ten things you like about women. OK?