Friday, May 09, 2008

Scrubber Gloves

Just recently S recommended something awesome and I realized how these little valuable experiences of ours can help each other when shared. So it prompts me to start this new tag on my blog for beauty tips. This way we girls can benefit and the guys can have some cool tips to share with their girls if they didn't already know about it. ;) *brownie points*

So what was it that she suggested? Well it is these scrubber gloves. As soon as she told me about it I went to buy a pair for myself and M as we both needed it desperately. She also told me how when they are used on regular basis (daily) they exfoliate the skin, remove the dead cells and not create those in-grown hairs that we often suffer from as a side effect of waxing. She also mentioned that it will be a few weeks before you start seeing the results but I am fine with that as long as it can help rid of those hairs and the ugly spots they leave behind. I also read the reviews of these things and the users are quite crazy about them. Hoping I would be one of those eventually! They feel great as well.

Almost all of the local bath/body shops carry these and you can buy them online as well. I think they make a perfect gift for mom day too, which is just around the corner. :)

Thank you, S! Love you girl.

PS. I just realized some of the audience might protest and/or wonder about how to use these things so I'm adding this new section to bottom of the post.

Use: So once you hop in the shower, you put these things on and wet them and use your favorite shower gel or soap and gently scrub it all over the body. It practically replaces the loofah/shower sponges.


shub said...

have a pair and Love it! :D

Kanan said...

Great, Shub. :)

Btw, I was quite surprised to read one of the reviews where the lady said she was using a pair to clean her bathroom as well. Pretty creative eh!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I've seen those things and I always thought they were kinda goofy looking so I never bothered. But they work, huh? K, I'll have to pick one up next time.