Friday, October 31, 2008

Elephant Droppings' Paper!!!

Yet another fresh idea since painting the house walls and floor with cow-dung.

These guys are making paper with the elephant droppings. Check it out here:

I so adore their logo and the brand name. :) Don't you?

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bollyviewer said...

Really??!!! Their name and logo is cute and I agree with them - I want some of those cute cards, too!

medha said...

Cute pics:-) but did u know that making paper and the hard cover for books from elephant droppings ia quite an old thing; Some years back I had the privilege to visit one such undertaking which made paper and hard covers with elephant residue.

sandeep said...

logo looks nice :)

chinmai said...

this is a great idea...making business from shit ;) ..... great animal lovers and smart... something like best out of waste :D

Kanan said...

Bollyviewer, totally! I also want some of the stuff. I don't think they ship outside of India. I'll have to email Mahima again.

Medha, really? I didn't know that. It's really nice. I think only in India we do this. Did you know how good it is to live in a cow-dung-painted home? They're radiation proof too. The goodness that comes with it... aah priceless!

Sandeep, yup. :) It's the cutest.

Chinmai, such a good thing, specially at times like today when we create more mess than do little good for Mother Earth, right? Best out of waste it is. :)