Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fighting poverty - inside & outside

Referring to something I saw, I just made a very casual statement that morning: આપણે એટલા ગરીબ નથી કે... [we are not that poor that... (we can't afford something)]

To this my philosopher sister blew me away with her answer. She said: માણસ મનથી ગરીબ હોય છે [humans are poor at their minds/hearts].

Those words really made me think, not just on that morning but since then I have been thinking about it. Her words have been imprinted in my mind and my heart ever since that day. We (majority of us, including myself) truly are poor at heart because even though we have so much, we don't realize what we have, we don't appreciate it, and we still keep wanting more, more than we can ever use/consume.

Right now, at this very moment, there are people out there, who actually can't even fulfill their needs, let alone wants. They don't have food to eat, don't have a roof on their head, don't have a piece of clothing to cover themselves. Their hardships are actual hardships; If we, who already have our needs and much more, can help even with a tiny bit, it will make a world of difference to them. So today, I have decided that I am going to help in whatever way I can to those who need help, help to survive, help to live life.

It is Blog Action Day today. I had said to Cuckoo yesterday that I will make a post about something related to poverty. I wanted to write something else but this one came out as I started typing. Just wanted to share this with everyone and spread the word. Let's do our part, as much as we can, regardless of how little it is, for it can make a big difference to someone.


Urv said...

Very true yaar.. I have shared some experiences here You might be able to relate to..

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for the mention. I was actually waiting for that post which you told about. Maybe some other time.

Yes, together we can make a difference. :-)


Cuckoo said...

P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ? This blogger id will take you to my old blog.

Kanan said...

Urv, thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. I really enjoyed reading it and did relate to the feelings quite a lot.

Cuckoo, thanks to YOU for opening my eyes to this. I'll share grandpa's story soon. I think the new comments module has the Name/URL you're looking for, right? Let me know if it doesn't work.