Friday, October 17, 2008

The story of Ruru & Pramadwaraa

The noble king Parikshit is cursed, for a small mistake he has made, that on the seventh day Takshak naag (serpent) will bite him and he will die. People around him are giving him suggestions on how to prolong his life. When someone reminds him to plead to Yamraaj, Parikshit says he is aware of that historic story when Ruru sacrificed half of his life to bring back Pramadwara, his fiancee’s life.

It happens so that long ago, the apsara Menaka has a daughter with Vishrawavasu; who is raised by sage Sthoolakesha. When Pramadwara is grown up, the sage (who is like her father) decides for her marriage with sage Pramati’s son, Ruru.

But unfortunately, before the marriage can take place, a serpent bites Pramadwara and she dies. So much in love with her, Ruru also decides to give up his own life. When Ruru is on verge of committing suicide Yamraaj tries to convince him otherwise, but he doesn’t get convinced and says that life without Pramadwara would not be a life for him so he’d rather just die. So finally Yamraaj gives up and suggests to him that there might be a way to bring Pramadwara back to life. If Ruru gave her half of his life years, she would become alive again. Ruru does give up half of his life time for the love of his life, Pramadwara and she comes to life again and they live happily together the rest of their lives.

So here we have it, a story of a man fighting with Gods for the life of his wife-to-be. Since it is karva-chauth today, many folks want to know whether there are men out there doing things for women; the answer is yes, but course, it is rare. :) Hope you enjoyed reading this story.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Story!! :) Wish there were more men like Ruru :)

Solitaire said...

It was an interesting story.
Did not know it is karva chauth today.
One of my desi friends married a gora and she made him fast on karva chauth too!

Cuckoo said...

Never knew a story like that ! Wonderful !

But have seen some men fasting with their women just to give company or show their love. Whatever you say.

Kanan said...

Neha, thanks, glad you liked the story. :)

Sneha, yup, even I didn't know until I read it online. So sweet of him to fast along with her. :)

Cuckoo, thanks! I am sure there are men who fast along with their wives for this day or otherwise.

bollyviewer said...

I never heard that one before. Cant believe any mythological man had done a single good thing for his spouse/lover/heartthrob!

By the way, what happened to King Parikshit?

chinmai said...

yep.. quite intersting :)

Kanan said...

Bollyviewer, apparently there is this story and there could be more that we might not know of. :)

As for King Parikshit, who was also the ancestor of Pandu, decided that this was God's way of arranging for his moksha and died when Takshak came disguised as a worm in a basket full of fruits and bit him. His last days were spent listening to the Shrimad Bhaagwat katha by none other than Shri Shukdevji.

Chinmai, thanks. :)