Friday, June 13, 2008

My Favorite Movies I

When it comes to Hindi films I like the craziest and the most ridiculous ones that are out there. As you know, a lot of our Bollywood films fall under the ekdam-third-class-lekin-mast category, but I think that is exactly what makes them so cool to watch over and over again!

Like I had mentioned in my movie quirks meme, when I like some scene a lot, I rewind it a few times to watch it again and again. So for the pleasure of all the movie goers, I am adding at least one rewind-worthy scene for each of the films.

Here's my first list of watch-till-I-get-bored movies, but guess what!!! I am not bored of them at all. :D

In an alphabetical order:

Baadal (2000) - Can't recall when it was that I watched this movie for the first time, but fell in love with it instantly. Since then I must have watched it 7-8 times. It's outrageously fantastic. ;) Bobby Deol and Rani create a havoc in the film and it's just so much fun to watch them. Mayuri Kango, well, let's just say the director wanted to get a clown for his circus and he got one. Johnny Lever and Upasna Singh are also quite funny, specially in their honeymoon sequence. Songs are cheesy mostly (oh you should watch the laal gharara song for Rani's dance), but na milo hum se zyada is cutsy romantic number. Others are the craziest! I love them. Can't believe I know some of them by heart. :P These dance numbers are hilarious most of the times so a complete entertainment, IMO. Amrish Puri totally rocks in jugni jugni!!! If you decide to watch this, which would be commendable in itself, I have a hunch you might want to give up in the middle. If you feel like that I won't blame you at all, but since you've started watching it, I would suggest don't miss the ice-skating scene of Rani and Mayuri. It's a must watch! Do whatever, but DO NOT miss it - the triple-lutz and triple-axels are to die for (well, not literally but you'd know when you watch it). Last but not least, Bobby Deol looks so very handsome! Rewind-worthy scene: the ice-skating sequence.

Hum Saath Saath Hai (1999) - Someone voted for this one as the worst movie on a survey at Sayeshaz. I was like WHAT?! how can they do that? I'd watch this one tirelessly just to see Karishma wear that yellow-red synthetic saari over and over again in every other scene. ;) Nah, only kidding, there's more fun stuff to watch in there than just that. The extra-large star-cast and all the handsome Bollywood boys and the storyline (the moral of the story) make it a really nice watch. I admit I love those Ramayan chopai they sing in this one. They're absolutely beautiful! I also like all the positive attitude shown by the eldest kids in family Vivek-Sadhana, actually all the kids have portrayed their parts really well. Some of their acted behaviors are truly touching and the importance of family and all the relationships are shown beautifully. Rewind-worthy scene: when Sadhana feeds sweet to Prem and says "Prembhaiya, door rehkar bhi hum saath saath hai" when he shows up at Rampur instead of going home to his mother.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) - A lot of bad has been said about this one; But despite of that I really like this one a lot. Agreed, that there is a wee bit of too much drama in a few scenes but apart from that it is a good movie with nice moral of the story and mega star-cast. What more could I ask for? My favorite scenes of the movie include all the ones with Poo & Rohan in it and of course with Sayeeda (Farida Jalal); my most favorite songs from the film are suraj hua maddham and vande maataram along with bole chudiyaan. Rewind-worthy scene: Poo leaving for a party, walks down the stairs in red outfit/red shoes; Rohan meets her half way on the stairs, the dialog starts with "tumne..." "maine..." until Poo walks up to Robbie who has come with flowers to pick her up.

Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon (2003) - After I read here, here, here, here, and also here about how people severely disliked this one, I just had to add this one to the list. I tell you I am so crazy about this one, I must have watched it more than ten times. I love everything about this movie. The comedy, the romance, the dances, the story, Kareena's look (I think she looks the best ever in this one in those simple sarees and pretty salwars) and the both the Bollywood boys look so handsome. Not to mention the beautiful locations! Kareena's crazy friends are fun to watch. ;) Himani Shivpuri has played mom's role beautifully and Pankaj Kapoor looks like every guy's dream father-in-law. Heck, even the dude playing their servant (Raju Srivastava) is funny. I specially like the scene where he sings "sajnaa ji aaye more anganaa are dholki bajaao..." when Prem Kishen arrives at their ranch in Sundarnagar for the first time. Many great songs but my most favorite one is bhatke pachhi bhool na jaana along with kasam ki kasam hai kasam se (both being piano songs woo hoo!) MPKDH totally rocks! You guessed it right, I own this movie on DVD. :D Rewind-worthy scene: Sanjana welcoming Prem Kishan at their home for a meal and is instructed by her mother on how to behave in front of the new guest.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2002) - AWESOME! that's the word for this movie. Again, watched it countless times for all the goodies in this one - Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani's acting not her high heels, the songs, the medley is nice and so are the other songs. My favorite one is jaane dil mein kab se hai tu. Almost all the parents are funny in this one. First movie where I actually liked Uday Chopra. Rewind-worthy scenes: (1) Raj makes gobi ke parathe for Pooja with his own hands and feeds a bite to her, they're standing outside in a dark night on a deck like place, "pyaar hua iqraar hua" plays in the background. The best scene of the film. (2) Raj and Rohan in gym; Raj practicing agaist the tall net thing and Rohan asks him why he never fell in love with Pooja and Raj says "tum poochh rahe ho ki keh rahe ho?" and Roham says "dono"... the scene continues.

Naram Garam (1981) - Golmaal Part II. That's the easiest way to describe this one. If you liked Golmaal, you'll like this one for sure. It's a little slow paced but new drama and new people make it so exciting. Specially the new cast that includes chana-gud eating Shatru-shotgun-Sinha as Babua and his signature "abey ghonchu" and Gajanan (Suresh Chatwal) is so annoying along with Ramprasad just being himself. :) Kiran Vairale as Sumi looks cute; the song ek baat suni hai chachaji batlaane waali hai makes a fun watch and the acting of Dina Pathak as mother-in-law of Bhavani Shankar is awesome! Asha Bhosle's mere anganaa aaye re ghanshyaam aaye re is a beautiful song picturized on Swarup Sampat. Rewind-worthy scene: Bhavani Shankar has come to the farmhouse for the first time to meet Kusum as a potential matrimonial prospect. He begins talking by calling her "dekho Kusi beti.... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!". hahahahahahaha! *fell off the chair typing it*

Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon (1963) - As Difu would say "lovely lovely lovely... isn't this *pbapb pbapb pbapb* taak-dhina-dhin"! ;) This one is your usual romantic comedy family drama action suspence movie in that order but it's been my most favorite ever since I watched it for the first time (can't recall when). I must have watched it almost as many times as Golmaal, which is close to 20+ times. I love each and every song of the film but my most favorite one right now is "laakhon hai nigaah mein" (as this changes by the day). Rajendra Nath plays Difu the most entertaining character in the film. :D Next ones are his parents played by Indra Bansal and Rajendra Singh. Kamala (Ram Avtar) - Mohan's sidekick is also funny and totally gol-matol (chubby). Asha Parekh looks beautiful; and her friends cute and irritatingly funny; Joy Mukherjee looks just handsome as Mohan! Veena as Mohan's mother looks very graceful. aanchal mein sajaa lena kaliyaan is the most beautiful song of the film with the most beautiful studio background scenes. The dances in dekho bijali doli bin baadal ke and aji kibla mohtarma are beautiful. Rewind-worthy scene: This one has too many of those, but my favorite is when Kamala looks (more like checks her out from head to toe) at Difu's mother (Indra Bansal) and she feels all shy and looks down blushing.

Tashan (2008) - OMG! what a movie! what a movie! what a movie!!! I totally went fida over this one even though it made it to this worst-movies-ever list. Whattttt an action sequence, the one at the end. Oh my! I'd watch it over and over again for that one, where Anil Kapoor comes on the motorbike and Paris Hilton haha I mean Kareena pokes that sword through his chest. The dil dance maare song is simply fantabulous!!! But I know you all would have liked the chhalia chhalia number more as you have no taste in quality movies. Paris Hilton's errr I mean Kareena's looks can kill someone, literally, cuz even her bones are thinner than daggers. OK fine, I added this film here just to find out whether my readers actually got upto the end of this list or not. But yea, I'd sure watch this one again for the "phirst impresson ij tha lasth impresson" *rolling her hands like Nil Bhaaloo Kaps*. And you probably still don't know, but I do plan to own this one DVD soon. Yup, only for Akshay Kumar. ;) Rewind-worthy scene: the action scene at the end of the film and of course the ones where Akshay Kumar gets shot during the fight sequence in that building. His leaping shots are awesome!

Vivaah (2006) - this is another one of those cute romantic films that everyone has watched. I watched this one three times non-stop after I watched it for the first time. Unfortunately, that was after it was out on DVD and the theater won't play one more show of it despite of my requests. Any how, later on I watched it more than a dozen times or even more; I have lost count now. One of my cousin finds it utterly outrageous and still can't believe I have watched this film so many times. And the other one actually gifted me the collectors' edition DVD of the film. *mile-wide smile* :D What can I say? As you know I'm a huge fan of Sooraj Barjatya movies and this one makes it into their top ten list. Also like the other couple in film Sunil & Bhavna played by Samir Soni and Lata Sabharwal respectively. Seema Biswas' negative role acting is also great along with all the other characters. Manoj Joshi is funny as always. Remember the scene during the do anjaane ajnabi where he makes some gestures towards Prem and he drops that flower-vase? Hahaha so funny. Adore Ravindra Jain's music for this one. I like all the songs of this one but jai gauri maa the most. Rewind-worthy scene: all the scenes where Poonam and Prem talk over the phone.

Until next time...

So do you have any oh-so-ridiculous-yet-favorite movies on your list?


Sania said...

One of my favorite movies is the most ridiculous of the ridiculous - and another one in Sooraj Barjatya's portfolio - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! I know a lot of people who say that nothing happens in this movie, it's all a bunch of people being happy, but I love it and I could watch it for hours!

I like many of your favorites too, Kanan - we must have the same cheesy taste in films!

Soham Shah said...

Baadal was a genuine surprise for me !!!

All others were ok .. not tht bad .. Can watch it 2-3 times ..

Hv not seen Tashan yet but from its reviews, I thought it's all thums down .. But u liked it and tht is great !!

According to me, my most-pathetic-but-i-loved movies were vishwatma , hafta bandh , sarkar raj etc etc

Kanan said...

Sania, I love almost every Rajshri movie I have watched. Though there's quite a lot of theirs that I haven't watched. Hopefully some day... I too adore Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hai. Do share your favorite some day when you get a chance. :)

@Soham, don't miss Tashan. I can't wait to watch it again. I don't remember watching the ones you like, but I might have seen Vishwatma - that's the one with Divya Bharti and "saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe aa gayi" song, right? Planning to watch Sarkar Raj soon. Haftabandh - hmm... not seen it but will check it out now. :D

Anonymous said...

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Soham Shah said...

yeah .. Vishwatma is the same movie with divya bharti and the song 'saat samundar par '.

By the way, I just watched vishwatma yesterday only as it was coming on Sony channel ..

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Oh, Mujhse Dosti Karoge!, how I love you so! That was my first Bollywood movie ever!

Kanan said...

Sathish, thanks.

Soham, good for you. I haven’t seen that movie in a long time. I think it had Sunny Deol.

Beth, thank you! It’s one of my most fav movies. Wow it was your first movie. I love the way you passionately watch these movies and write about them. Keep up the good work.