Friday, April 04, 2008

Movie Quirks Meme

So there's this interesting chain of thoughts going around the block and I came across it at Nova's so said to myself, why not try it out? It sounds an awful lot of fun!!!

It's about movies, movies and more movies... here comes my extra-long version: (Jeez I can't believe I have 18 of them listed!! phew)

  • I love watching Hindi movies (specially the old ones and b&w) and most of the time I end up watching the movie over and over again on DVD once I know I like it a lot.

  • I love discussions about the movie while watching it, specially with someone who also loves to do the same. I'd pause the movie and discuss it for like 15-20 minutes about what we just saw or noticed. There are so many details we usually miss out on, it's mind-blowing when you realize and start paying attention to those little things. I truly enjoy doing that.

  • I love watching movies in theater as well but I would rather read a few reviews about it before I finally buy the tickets.

  • I have never walked out of a movie in my life, may be because I haven't really watched any extra lousy movie in a theater.

  • I, too, don't like having crying kids in a movie theater, but hey, those parents need a break too, right? :P

  • I have never been to a movie (in a theater) alone and I wouldn't want to.

  • I hate watching a movie sitting in the first few rows, so close to the screen. (I had to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith from second row and absolutely hated the position.)

  • I have never watched same movie twice in a theater (may be because they don't do reruns of those golden oldies in theaters).

  • I watch the movie until the very end, even after the credits are displayed and all the audience has gone out. I love to find out about who worked on what and the locations and other movie making info.

  • I love comedy movies and laugh out loud while watching them, regardless of where I'm watching them - theater or DVD.

  • I am not a fan of too-much-rona-dhona kind of movies and don't like to watch movies that make adults cry. (I guess films like Taare Zameen Par, Veer Zaara would be exceptions)

  • I wish all of my favorite movies were made in IMAX! ;)

  • I am not a carbonated soda fan and don't like eating junk food while I watch a movie, but I have to admit once I pigged out on popcorn and jalapeƱo peppers with my cousins. Boy! do they taste out of this world or what! *drool*

  • I don't like it when those extra tall people sit up straight in front seats and block my view.

  • I can't fall asleep in the movie theater.

  • I don't like it when people litter in a movie theater or leave their mess behind.

  • I can't stand the close captioning in movies when in movie theater (they've been doing this in the US at least, not sure about India or other places). The non-Hindi speaking junta can rent a DVD at home.

  • I have requested a theater to have one additional show of a movie because I was too late in finding out how fantastic that movie was! It's too bad they didn't run one extra show for me since the movie was out on DVD already.

    And if you're reading this, you're tagged!!! so get those thinking caps on and do share your likes & dislikes about watching movies. Let the fun begin...

    Nikesh Rathi said...

    Interesting to read about random movie watching habits ... maybe a showcase of how weird we can be!

    Kanan said...

    Yup, very!