Monday, April 14, 2008

The Bay Bridge

The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is a double-decker bridge - you drive at the lower level to go towards the East into Oakland and on top if you're coming West towards San Francisco. This is also Interstate-80 (aka I-80), which goes cross-country, all the way up to New Jersey!

The bridge has two spans that are connected at the Treasure island.

This is the same bridge that got damanged during the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.

The Bay Bridge on a bright clear day.

The bridge and Treasure island (on left) on a cloudy day.

Art work on the Embarcadero and the bridge and Treasure island in the background.

Driving on the upper level of the bridge. San Francisco skyline is seen on the right hand side.

The Western span (between San Francisco and Treasure island) of the bridge has higher towers than the Eastern span.

San Francisco skyline at sunset from the bridge.

The bridge at night.


Sakhi said...

awesome pictures!

Sri said...

Gr8 shots, man!!!

Kanan said...

Sakhi, Sri, thank you for your encouragement. There are still more angles I'd like to shoot this bridge from.