Wednesday, April 16, 2008


He has gone now and that is the reality
But still it seems like he has not
My mind refuses to accept the fact
Why does it affect me so? I sit and think
As the tears roll down my cheeks
My throat chokes, full of emotions
If this is how it is for me, then
What must it be like for them?
I can't imagine...

He says life is transient and
This is how it goes
You can refuse to accept the facts
But can not run away from reality
If you feel like letting it out
Do so and then move on
The only thing constant is change
So I try to move on
With the day
With this life
Without him being there
For all of us.

He once wrote in his diary: zindagi ek safar hai suhaana yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana...

April 16, 2008


Nemo said...

Very nice poem! :)

Kanan said...

Thank you :)