Friday, April 18, 2008

10 things that make my day!

This is what I love about blogging: you read other blogs and get inspired by them and hopefully they strike that chord in your mind to make you think, and may be to make write your own.

Inspiration post: 10 things that make my day! by Neha

I believe that happiness has nothing to do with people we interact with so mine are all boring ones; they don't include people. In any case, here I go -

The day starts with morning, so will I.

  1. Waking up full of energy and motivation to take whatever may come your way.
  2. A great satisfactory dump. Now nothing compares to that.
  3. Sleeping for another couple of hours after that.
  4. A nice long shower.
  5. Driving to work with no traffic jams.
  6. A great calorie-burning-sweat-dripping workout before lunch.
  7. Finishing up more chores/tasks in a day than you expected.
  8. Driving back home listening your favorite old Hindi songs, with car windows rolled down in warm breezy weather.
  9. Reading your favorite book while you lie in bed before falling asleep.
  10. An 8-10-hour restful sleep at night.

I hope you are getting some inspiration.


Nova said...

Nice one :)

Kanan said...

Thanks, Neha. :)