Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Would you give up on your family?

- they don't care to call, or return phone calls.
- they don't care to respond to your emails or write to you.
- they don't come visit you.
- they don't initiate any contact with you what so ever.
- they don't keep in touch.
- they do go out of their way for others to make things nicer for them, but not you.
- you are on their messenger, but just an ID.
- you are in their phone-book, but just an entry.
- you are in their address-book, but just an email.
- (list continues)

Would you?

Why? Or why not?


chinmai said...


Kanan said...

Chinmai, it's just a hypothetical question. To find out you know whether you as a person would also reciprocate in the same way (as listed) when the family treats you so? I was just wondering what people think.