Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Complete the sentence:

Life is ...


Soham Shah said...

Life is an ongoing puzzle..Solve one clue and u ll get a new one immediately!!!

Nemo said...

Life is good. :)
Check out this link:

We can get some commission for endorsing this. What say???!

Jaydip Mehta said...

Google search results for "Life is ..."
- Life is good (
- Life is sweet (
- Life is wild (
- Life is abuse (
- Life is beautifull hoax (

Yahoo search :
- Life is ugly (

MSN search:
- Life is change (
- Life is beautiful (​Beautiful)

Kanan said...

Soham, that's a nice way to put it. Strikes the thinking chords in mind.

Prajakta, that's beautiful. I, with some of my family and friends , started a group with that same name. :) We try to live by that motto, or at least the group name reminds us of that. The website looks cool... I will check it out at leisure.

Jaydip, thanks. :) So how would you complete the sentence?

R J said...

Life is a bunch of Roses!

Either you smell the roses or complain about the thorns!

~RJ @ ~TimePass~

Jaydip Mehta said...

Life is WITHIN

Bhavesh said...

A result of chemical reaction, happened during pre jurassic period, leading to a creation of self multiplying substance called Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA). :)

Nikesh Rathi said...

Life is extremely different from a similar sounding word with exactly same spelling!

(On a serious note ... Life is a discovery)

chinmai said...

i liked jaydip's answer - life is WITHIN
and nikesh's reply - life id discovery..
apart from endorsing the above ones .. lifeiscool for me ;) :)

Kanan said...

Rakeshbhai, interesting. So what color are these roses?

Jaydip, that's too abstract.

Bhavesh, yikes! that went from two feet above my head. :P

Nikesh, I'm trying to decipher that. On the other hand, discovery sounds fun!

Chinmai, now that's an attitude I like! :)

Thank you all.

Hasmukh said...

All said & done, life still remains an abstract noun. Welcome WordWeb!?

king of men said...

Life is a lesson.

Kanan said...

Hasmukh, I thought you'd write up a post in the response. No? Cmon be a sport and write something witty.

King of Men: Uncle, is that you? welcome to my blogs! Do you mean life is a lesson to be learned as we live it?

Kumar Ahir said...

Life is .....
well it's relative

chinmai said...

i wud like to add one more..
life is like a pendulum..
the minute it reaches to one extreme , it gains enuf momentum to its journey towards the other end...

Jaydip Mehta said...

Just got these thoughts yesterday night:
Life is here, not there.
Life is now, not then.
Life is this, not that.
Life is within, not out.

Kanan said...

Kumar, is it maternal side or paternal? :P just kidding... thanks for your comment.

Chinmai, the pendulum's path can be predetermined. Can't say the same for life, can we?

Jaydip, I didn't understand all of that, the NOT parts.

Jaydip Mehta said...

May be that all are too heavy to handle/digest. Leave it.

Stupidosaur said...

Life IS.
Isn't that one sentence?

Life IS.

And you said "Complete the sentence."

So I think all of us are going to do that.

I mean complete the Sentence that life is...
(Sentence as in : They were sentenced to 'life' imprisonment)

But hey who said the 'life' imprisonment is bad. After all, the great quality of life in prisons of US and some developed nations often makes news doesn't it?

This Sentence of Life given to US is also like that.

"Life IS", is a SENTENCE.
Life is a SENTENCE.
And have fun as we do so.
And when we will COMPLETE the SENTENCE....
Life isn't.

Aila mere andar ka philosopher jaag gayaa! Bhaago!

Kanan said...

@Stupidosaur: oh it's so strange to address you with such a name. In any case, funny and very interesting response. You know that I meant the sentence as in grammar, not the noun that is synonymous to punishment. :P

Now I have to think about all those questions you've asked...