Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny Language Translations

Hasmukh just sent these in a forward and I can't stop laughing... can you?

Some dialogs said by teachers and professors who are not so good 'at' ENGLISH.

"pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!"

once our hindi teacher said...."i'm going out of the world to america.."..

dont..laugh at the back benches...otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down.....

it was very hot in the afternoon when the teacher entered.. tried to switch the fan on but there was sum problem. and then she said " why is fan not oning" (ing form of on)

teacher in a furious mood... write down ur name and father of ur name!!

"shhh... quiet... the principal is revolving around college"

Teacher intro: "Hi, I am Madhu, Married with two kids"

"I'll illustrate what i have in my mind" said the professor and erased the board

"will u hang that calender or else i'll HANG MYSELF"

tomorrow call ur parents especially mother and father

"why are you looking at the monkeys outside when i am in the class?!"

A computer lab assistant on wrong code.. "i understand. u understand. computer how understand??

Be a master of mind rather than mastered by mind !!

And then after reading this I remembered this real life incident (heard it from dad) that happened somewhere in Saurashtra (Gujarat) years ago.

A Sanskrit teacher asked to his students "Sita kasya suta?" [Whose daughter was Sita?]

A student: "Saheb, Sita chatta soota" [Sita sleeps on her back]

[Correct answer should have been "Sita Janakasya suta" means Sita was Janak's daughter]


Jaydip Mehta said...

Too good: Saheb, Sita chatta suta ..

Nemo said...

heehee...very funny post!
I will add one line my teacher had said..
Teacher was annoyed that whenever he used to turn his back to the class to write something on the board, students used to start talking...
so he said "What's the noise coming from behind my back??!"

chinmai said...

hehe.. nice one buddy ..

Kanan said...

Jaydip, totally... I heard it years ago as a kid and still laugh out loud when I remember it today.

Prajakta, that's hilarious! we used to bug one of our teachers a lot and so when we used to make noise with our keys against the nails on the bench, he'd say something very similar to what you just said. Boy! I gave him such hard time. I should write about those adventures. ;)

Chinmai, thanks. :)

Maulik said...

This made my day! haha

Surprisingly I never found till now that you have a blog :)

Kanan said...

Thanks Maulik, rereading that post and your comment made my day. :D

What better way to start a Monday, eh!

Looking forward to more comments from you. 8)