Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who I Am Makes A Difference

Ever wonder how some times you are just surrounded by negative feelings about others, about your life, about a lot of things in general... and then something happens and that changes everything; it makes you realize that what you were thinking or were planning to do or not do was not so right?

I am glad to have watched this video today. I wasn't going to because I read here that it would make me cry (I do run away from things that make me cry, be it having an emotional conversation with someone or watching a sad movie or just reading something touchy) so I was putting it off, but I am so glad I watched this video today.

And I have to admit, one of the things that encouraged me to watch this video was Neha's "Its only words..." post. I've learned that what you say matters too and what you don't say does as well.

I have got a ton of thinking to do now... as usual, because believe it or not, who I am makes a difference!


chinmai said...

hey kanan, normally i skip videos .. but donno wat made me watch this one.. it did make a difference..
one thing is showing gratitude that others have made a difference in our lives makes us a humble being.. it was a lovely clip..

Nemo said...

Very nice video...Thanks for posting it here. :)

Nova said...

Amazing video :) and thanks for providing my link :)

Kanan said...

Chinmai, thank you. Very right you are... running after a million things in life makes us so busy we often forget to stop and smell the roses, thank those who matter, and well, just feel blessed.

Prajakta, thank you. :)

Neha, very welcome. Glad you liked it. :)