Friday, April 18, 2008

Tired of those "Please Click Here" comments?

I am too!

Since Kumar brought it up, I'm going to put up some tips for fellow readers.

Please don't click on any links in comments/posts unless you know the poster. That's the first safety rule.

Moreover, do not click on their blog pages. When you hover the mouse over their blog pages, it might read something genuine like but in reality it redirects to their spam sites, so don't be tempted to click on it.

Other than that, here's what you can do to stop them:

(1) Go to Settings -> Comments -> Show word verification for comments? Set it to Yes. This way if it is a machine doing it, it will stop right there.

(2) If the comments don't stop after you put in the word verification, then on that same page, Enable comment moderation? Set it to Yes.

Three spammers I have spotted are: Guhn, Grogal, and JoJosho. Their profiles are going to be reported to whom it may concern. Cheers!


Jaydip Mehta said...

I think it is better to go with option 2 rather than 1st only or both. 1st one 'may' discourage readers to post comment on your blog.

Nemo said...

Thanks Kanan!
I understood for the very first time why word verification is used.

Kanan said...

Jaydip, thanks :) I will put it both but right now I am just playing around with these to see how things go. The discouraging part, I didn't understand actually.

Prajakta, very welcome. :) Yet another reason why I like blogs - we learn little things like these we never thought we would otherwise.

Jaydip Mehta said...

This what is asked to be typed in while commenting. At least to me typing that is discouraging..
I advice all to keep comment moderation on instead of word verification. which is good enough to get rid of this spams.

Kanan said...

Jaydip, I thought people make passwords like that, no? :) Or at least that's what I understand when those sites ask you to create a smart password that's a combination of alphabets and numerics. So personally I don't mind entering a text like that, but I do understand what you say. Thanks for your input.


I saw your comment on Kumar's blog..So i posted a comment there and I m posting it here again:

I am neither a trojan virus nor a spammer or a spyware..

I am an undergrad student at Uni. of southern california and we r called trojans so i hv kept this name..

KISS means keep it simple and stupid..Not the real KISS...

So plz, do check out my is a genuine blog..

Nova said...

Hey that was a useful info. Unfortunately, wordpress doesnt have any of this :(

Kanan said...

Trojan Spirit, man! that's some explanation. Okay I do understand that you are mostly genuine but this isn't the way to get people to read your blog. That's all I meant. After all, first impression is very important and my belief is that when you use such keywords, sane people run away. My two chavannis.

Neha, you're right. Wordpress and Blogger both have their pros and cons. I hope eventually they implement a lot of those useful features in both of them or even better, merge them. ;) haha!