Thursday, April 03, 2008

SF Bay Area Bike to Work Day

Thursday, May 15, 2008, is the 14th annual Bike to Work Day!

On Thursday May 15, 2008, tens of thousands of residents from all corners of the Bay Area will put aside their car keys, don their helmets and bike to work. They will be seen on two wheels, big wheels, tandems and hybrids.

Ride your bike to work, to class, to errands or to play. Pedaling can take you there! Throughout the Bay Area, dozens of local events taking place during the month of May will get people excited about bicycling and the benefits it provides for public health, traffic reduction and our environment.

Join the thousands from all around the Bay Area on Thursday, May 15! Hop on your bike and bike to work! Stop by one of the over 190 Energizer Stations strategically located throughout the Bay Area where you will be greeted and cheered by volunteers handing out complimentary treats and tote bags and bicycle commute-related information.

In fact, the entire month of May is National Bike Month! Celebrate throughout the month by participating in fun-filled events such as the Team Bike Challenge, a friendly competition that challenges folks to ride for the entire month of May to earn points and win prizes! Nominate someone you know who epitomizes the spirit of Bike to Work Day 2008 for the Bike Commuter of the Year Award. Visit your local bike coalition or bicycle advocacy website for local events hosted in your community so you can join in on the fun and win prizes!

Why Bike to Work?

It’s Healthy! Did you know that on average, a person weighing 175lb, burns 1160 calories pedaling 20 miles at a speed of 15 mph? Check out our Bike Calculator to find out you can improve your health, burning calories biking!

It’s Economical! Did you know that if you drove an SUV and lived 5 miles from work, you would save $346.32 a year by biking to work one day a week? Check out our Bike Calculator to find out how much you can save by biking to work!

It’s Environmentally Friendly! Did you know that if you drove a Toyota Camry and lived 9 miles from work, you would reduce emissions pollutants by 908 lbs year by biking one day a week? Check out our Bike Calculator to find out how much you can save the environment by riding your bike to work!

See photos of exciting Bike to Work Day activities from 2007 here.



Bhavesh said...

Hey kanan, hope you have reached dafely back home.. how are things with you ... feeling bored huh>? bound to happen when to visit india ;)

Nova said...


I wrote on something very similar a few months ago... check this out

And yeah, definitely a great idea :)

chinmai said...

hey ... i ve been of a great support for such ideas.. wish v had cycling tracks here in india for cyclists..i luv cycling a lot ..
wud like to take this link .. wud use it up in my blog sometime .. rest hows u ..

Kanan said...

Yes Bhavesh, thanks. :) You're very right; unlike India here we have to find fun activities to fill the day with.

Neha, thanks. It surely is inspiring to see more people going gas-free. I'm going to buy my bike soon. I already did my pre-shopping research and thinking to go for this one.

Chinmai, you won't believe, these guys are awesome! they have such fabulous bicycle routes throughout most of the cities and we get bike-maps and whatnot... its just amazing how much they encourage it. I am surprised I didn't buy a bike until now.