Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the award goes to...

my songs blog 'Lyriks I like'.


That's right. :)

My HFM blog has been awarded that aakha blogistan mein famous Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 award by none other then Neha! And I'm delighted to accept the award, Neha. ;) :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

As the tradition must continue now it is time for me to choose 8 of my favorite blogs to confer upon this same award to!

It is very difficult to pick and choose from so many fabulous blogs that I have come across; so I'll try to pick the ones who haven't received this award before.

In an alphabetical order:

  • Aspi's Drift - for all kinds of Entertainments with capital E. Thank you, Aspi.
  • Beth Loves Bollywood - for the best looking header photos ever! and of course for the sincere love of Bollywood. Thank you, Beth.
  • Idle Moments - for the beautiful photographs and beautiful writing from the heart. Thank you, Ami.
  • lifeiscool - for those thought provoking posts and questions. Thank you, Chinmai.
  • Sayesha on the rocks - for the way she shares her moments of life in the most extraordinary way. Thank you, Sayesha.
  • The Little Ranting Reptile and Other Stories.... - first of all, for not going extinct! :P and for the silliest and record breaking number of posts per month and teaching some valuable lessons in them; and that anda-z with how you play with words... ;) Thank you, Stupidosaur.
  • This I am grateful for today... - for the positive energy that is being spread all around from each little post. Thank you, Kashmira.
  • Wanderingmindz's Weblog - for bringing back the Sanskrit literature to my life with extremely helpful translations. Thank you, Medha.

And last but not least, a big thanks to everyone else who writes their blogs, and reads this blog. Though I have to admit, I didn't start blogging for the social value it carries but it was only for myself and now that I get to read my fellow bloggers views, I have been feeling more enthusiastic to write my thoughts and write about my favorite things including those songs. Thank you all!


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

THANK YOU! That's such a lovely compliment! (And it's a good reminder that I haven't made any new headers for awhile... :) )

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks sweetie for the mention :)

Stupidosaur said...

Will put up the award and do that other tag in a few days or maybe few weeks.

Don't know what will happen in a few weeks :(

Unknown said...

Kanan, thanks so much! And thanks for contributing too, that post you did for us was so much fun.

Solitaire said...

You are welcome! :)
And congrats!

samurai said...

Congrats K :) May your blog be blessed with a million hits :))

chinmai said...

hey thanks for being generous with that award.. luv ur blog too..wid all variety of posts..

AmiDA said...

congrats!!! :)
and thankie :)

Kanan said...

Beth, you're very welcome. :) I think you have enough headers for now to entertain us. Sometimes I just visit your blog to refresh the page over and over again to see a different header and ogle at it. It's addictive! :D

Neha, thank YOU! :)

Stupidosaur, no worries or hurry. Hope things get better with time. And I know they will. :)

Aspi, thanks!! it was my pleasure. :)

Kanan said...

Sneha, thank you. :)

Prasad, wow! a million? really? OMG! thank you. I won't be able to handle so much pressure. I will send the guests over for a tea to indiatvads. ;)

Chinmai, thank you. :) Even your posts make very exciting reads, not to mention very engaging.

Ami, thank you, dearie. :)