Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's the scenario. This happened to someone I know and I need your valuable opinions. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

Gift giving parties: A and B
Gift receiving party: C

A and B together decide the budget and share amount (how much each person will pay, say $P) and the plan is to buy thing X as a gift.

Before gift giving time, A changes mind, goes on and buys gift Y, spending more than the budget amount increasing the share amount to say $Q. The payment for gift is done by A.

When it comes to present party C with the gift, only A goes and gives the gift, without including or informing B.

What should A do?

What should B do?

That's in regards with settling finances.


Soham Shah said...

A is ofcourse an a***ole and aback-stabber ..

B should neither pay A nor he/she should keep any contact with A ..

I hate such back-stabbers and untrustworthy people !!

aneri_masi said...

First off, B should kick A in the butt! If I was B, I would not pay since nothing was done according to the plan, so its none of B's concern.

Stone said...

B should tell A what all wrong he did, and if still A feels that B must pay him, then just pay the earlier decided share and also tell C that he also contributed for the gift .

And then most importantly B make sure that he never become a part of any such deal with A which involves money.

Cuckoo said...

I agree with Soham & Aneri. I also agree to the first part of what stone is saying (to tell A about what went wrong) but not the rest.

It does not have the same effect if you go & tell C that you have also contributed to the gift which has already taken place..

B should not pay any money to A, neither should get involved in such future deal.


Anonymous said...

Also, it must have shocked B as now s/he has not presented anything to C !
Imagine going to a party w/o a gift when you've assumed that you are giving one.

Pitu said...

A sounds very rude :-p Who does that?! First of all, stick to the cost previously decided upon, and secondly, don't go hog all the credit :-p

This is what *I* would do.

1) Tell A I am not paying my share as he changed the terms.

2) Go ahead and buy something different for C and give that to C.

Mana said...

B shouldn't pay his share of money and should never invovle herself in finances with A.

Better to keep A at a distance as possible.

Kanan said...

Soham, thanks for the suggestion. You're right, not worth trusting such people.

Kashmira, haha! wish it was that easy to suggest for butt kicking, but surely A does deserve it, or so I feel. I do agree with you for B not paying.

Stone, I wish it was easy to say that on someone's face that what they did is wrong. For this person B, I'm not sure how easy it will be to confront B with that. Thanks for an excellent suggest there.

Cuckoo, thanks for confirming the suggestion. :) The shocking part for B was when A walked in, quite unexpected and just handed the gift over to C with B just sitting there watching the two of them. I guess some people like A here don't value relationships or may be don't know how to keep one healthy.

Pitu, right you are in saying "hog all the credit". Thanks for your suggestion.

Manasa, thanks. :) I like your suggestion too.

Thank YOU everyone for all your suggestions.

S-n-E-h-A-l = SEA = WIDE = OPEN = DEEP said...

If C knows that there was contribution of B as well in the gift, B should pay the said amount (The amount which was fixed in the budget at the first time. Backstabbing punishment should always be there, so that A never repeats it with anyone in future). If thats not the case, then B should cancel the deal with A. Buy another gift and give it to C.

Kanan said...

Snehal, thanks. Apparently, C does not know that the gift is from B as well or rather was supposed to be from B as well.

aneri_masi said...

so what did B do finally?

Kanan said...

Kashmira, curious, just like me. :) B gave the money and A accepted it (that was a surprise! at least for me as a third person). B has decided never to deal with any financial or for that matter keep any other sort of association with A.