Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yet another kind of marriage proposal

This one where both of them are news anchors on national TV. Check out the video of Matt Laubhan proposing to Emily Leonard. The expression on her face is so funny and him so adorable.

Full video link:

PS. That's the first time I saw an American name with 'bh' in it. I thought they were never able to pronounce that sound. :P


Pitu said...

Hehe, imagine if she'd said NO! :-p Cute! :-D

Anonymous said...

ohh my!! i seriously found it veryyy cute !!

ok i dint have head-phones :-)

lemme 'hear' what they say and will comment back later!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously thought she might just say No when I saw first saw her face. And then she started tearing up and .... awww!

Kanan said...

Pitu, that would have been a fiasco for sure. But I do wonder.. she still has a chance to say no, right? I mean she would have just pretended to say yes. That look on her face was hilarious!

Veens, it is cute, I think crazy proposals are real cute if both parties actually *know* the answer is yes. :D

Amrita, hahaha.. she did look like that, didn't she? I found him real cute. She sounded little kiddish when she was talking to him versus when reading news. I found her voice annoying later on. :P