Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Childhood beliefs

Do you remember as a child how you thought something to be true but only to realize that it wasn't the case as you grew up?

For me, it wasn't a santa or boogie man (I don't even know what that is but I've just heard a lot about kids believing in it) because I didn't know that they existed. I mean at that age, you know. :)

I find these thoughts so funny, ridiculous, crazy and sometimes serious too, but the interesting thing is they do eventually become part of us and just sit there in one corner of our minds until they're prodded again. So I thought of doing a fun exercise to list the ones I could recall and share it with my fellow grown up kids. So I'll go first. :D

I had some really weird beliefs back then as you'll read below.

I thought...

  • that tigers lived in the dark (just about everywhere there is dark) and pounced on people at night. One of the homes we lived in had a bathroom outside and every night I'd have someone accompany me because I was just too freaked out of those silly tigers.

  • that after the heart beats slow down, they eventually stop. You got to jump up and down and keep them beating faster all the time.

  • that foreign countries were on another planet and that's why you had to fly there.

  • that babies are just born at certain age and the parents have to make sure they get their daughter married before she reaches that age.

  • that "sleeping" with (this was after I learnt about that but was still too young to know all of it) more than one man kills the woman. :P well, most of the times in Hindi movies the heroine either died some how or committed suicide after it so that's what I thought.

So what about you? Any crazy funny beliefs of yours that you no longer believe in?


JD said...

Ha ha ha .. LOL !! This is really funny, "... heart beats slow down, they eventually stop. You got to jump up and down and keep them beating faster all the time ..." ..

For me it was related to Hindi Movies .. I was believing that Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar and all are really able to sing songs very well even while walking, dancing and all that ..
Also one more thing I was believing was that foreign is a name of country ..

Bhavesh said...

funny :)

my belief was a little out of way. remember during summer time we used to go on terrace and observe diferent planets and stars. i always thought that earth on which we live is different than the earth which is a part of solar system ..just like jupiter and saturn and venus that we see in the sky ..

and i have to admit point no 4 on your list was something that i also believed in ;)

Stupidosaur said...

//that tigers lived in the dark...

Umm we have a pic of tiger hanging on our house wall no never got afraid of them young. Quite majestic. Maybe I would have just stood dumb in front of one till it pounced. Thankfully now I have grown up and deliberately know that tigers kill.

//that after the heart beats slow down, they eventually stop. You got to jump up and down and keep them beating faster all the time.

Wow you were a true health buff since very young age huh?

When ppl stop jumping up and down, their heart eventually stops. These days ppl pay huge money just to jump up and down. So you belief is quite true, not silly ;)

Bollyviewer said...

This is such a fun post! Kids can believe so many crazy things!!!

I used to think that "foreign" was that exotic place where even babies and uneducated people could speak English! lol Never occurred to me that everybody speaks their own mother tongue and English can actually be somebody's mother tongue!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...
Even I have some.. weird ones. Will write sometime as a post.

Keep reminding me. No no, don't do that. I'll note it myself.

Pitu said...

Hehehe I loved yours! The last one was hilarious! For a very long time I had a weird belief-

I used to insist on eating watermelon seeds so once my mom told me that if I keep eating seeds, all the water I drink will make plants grow inside me. After that I got so freaked out I would check my tummy to make sure some plant wasn't growing and once my mom caught me staring at the mirror, open-mouthed. I was checking to see if leaves were about to come out :-D

I had a very bizarre belief that as long as I wear socks, no ghost can catch me/attack me. To this day, I wear socks to bed. If it's too hot to wear socks, I'll put a tiny chaddar over my feet but I always always cover my feet or I can't sleep :-p

Kanan said...

Jaydip, the heart beats one is the craziest, I know. :P I think even I thought the same for the film actors, like they were actually like that but one day asked dad about it and he said it wasn't the case so then it was easier to handle the action and violence, etc. As for the music and other behind-the-scenes things, I didn't realize how significant they were until I was much grown up.

Hehe @ foreign being a name of country. I remembered we had a neighbor who would point her thumb over her shoulder and say "amaara to badha foreign ma rahe chhe" and for the longest time I would laugh remembering that thumb gesture of hers when I heard word foreign. It still makes me chuckle about how silly the whole thing was.

Bhavesh, very interesting belief about the earth. How about aliens? No beliefs about them? LOL @ #4. :P

Stupidosaur, is that the same ferocious little one that I'm looking for since a long time? I was afraid of even that little one. :)

Hahaha @ health buff. Wow.. you do take my belief to whole another level. That's brilliant!

Bollyviewer, thanks, crazy things they are. :D I think we all at some point of time believed that about English, no? I find it very interesting. But I love the fact that almost every Indian knows more than one language. It's amazing!!!

Cuckoo, please do share yours. :) Would love to read 'em.

Pitu, thanks! I know. :D Funny one about the seeds. The ghost one sounds pretty crazy, but I know the feeling. If I knew of a way to keep those tigers away, I'd have surely followed it without a doubt. I too love to wear socks to bed and cover my head with tiny chaddar. Actually, I can't sleep without covering my head. :P lol

Kanan said...

Bollyviewer, btw, welcome to my blog. :) You've got quite a cool blog.